The skull tattoo represents one of the most iconic and versatile tattoo ideas for guys. Skull tattoos for men can be as realistic or creative as you want. And while skull tattoo designs are incredibly popular, this type of artwork is often misunderstood. Though a skull can symbolize death and destruction, there are many other meanings. In fact, cool skull tattoos can exemplify a variety of things depending on the kinds of images portrayed and styling.

For example, the sugar skull tattoo, aka the candy skull, symbolizes the soul of lost loved ones and celebrates the afterlife as a tribute to those family members. Although guys can choose to get a traditional skull tattoo, the best ideas are often unique, meaningful, and inspirational. Just remember that a simple, small skull tattoo can look just as badass as a scary, smoking or flaming death skull tattoo. This is why the skull and rose tattoo is always a favorite.

So whether you want a skull arm, hand, forearm, shoulder, sleeve, leg, chest, back, head or wrist tattoo, there are many cool skull tattoo designs to pick from. Here are the best skull tattoos to inspire you with design ideas!

Skull Tattoos

Cool Skull Tattoo Ideas

Skull tattoos make for awesome body art because they can be combined with all sorts of other concepts, illustrations, and images. Guys can pick a skull tattoo that has a butterfly, cross, clock, eagle, crown, flames, crossbones, wings, roses, hearts, demons, pirates, flowers, animals, skeletons, or stars.

Skull Tattoo Designs

Ultimately, skull tattoos aren’t meant to be gory or terrifying. If you think of death as an inevitable part of life, the meaning behind different designs become clear.

Skull Tattoo Ideas

In many cases, men who have rebellious and intimidating skull tattoos have accepted their mortal nature and realize that being alive is temporary. In fact, in some cultures, skulls can also symbolize life.

Colorful Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

The Day of the Dead is an annual celebration in Mexico in which sugar skulls and other symbols are used to remember and honor the dead, making the Mexican sugar skull tattoo a way to memorialize loved ones.

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Pairing a skull with an image that represents life can create a meaningful tattoo that will serve as a conversation piece for the rest of your life. One amazing example is a skull with angel wings tattoo to represent eternal life after death.

Skull With Wings Tattoo

A skull and rose tattoo is another trendy combination that represents life and death in a different way by contrasting the beauty and color of flowers against a skull’s decay. The same symbolism of duality is used in the half skull tattoo.

Skull and Rose Tattoo

Men who are intrigued by pirates may opt for their own version of the Jolly Roger, or a skull and crossbones tattoo. Even today, the Jolly Roger or a skull and bones image can be found on products that are known to be poisonous or caustic as a symbol of warning.

Skull and Crossbones Tattoo

While most skull tattoo designs for men are black, grey and white, it is possible to incorporate color in a few different ways. Typically, colorful skull tattoos are typically illustrations of the candy skull, but vibrant colors can make any body art look fresh and beautiful.

Colorful Skull Tattoos

Lastly, what makes skull tattoo ideas so popular is that these designs aren’t limited to just one part of the body. Skull designs are flexible enough to fit into a forearm, back, chest, arm, thigh or sleeve tattoo. Similarly, guys can always get a neck, wrist or hand skull tattoo if they want a small piece.

Skull Sleeve Tattoo

Best Skull Tattoo Designs

From 3D to tribal designs, explore these skull tattoos for men. With so many badass skull tattoo design ideas to discover, we’re confident you’ll find an awesome and unique concept to ink on your body!

Badass Skull Tattoos

Best Skull Tattoos

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