The men’s side part haircut is one of the most stylish and classic hairstyles in history. Unlike other more ostentatious and distinctive cuts, the side part has never been out of style. Because side parted hairstyles are trendy, versatile and easy to style, famous celebrities and businessmen alike have been seen getting the cut. Ultimately, for a gentleman’s haircut that is understated and appropriate in virtually any situation, try the side part hairstyle on your next trip to the barbershop.

Side Part Haircut

What Is The Side Part Haircut?

Side part hairstyles for men are characteristically simple and timeless, but they do involve more than just hair parted to the side. The side part is traditionally a clean and short men’s hairstyle that almost looks like a military haircut. However, some modern variants add volume to the front and allow for more length in the hair on top.

The Side Part Haircut - Hard Side Part with High Taper Fade

These new looks still incorporate the side swept nature of the look, but offer a more exciting yet easy to wear hairstyle ideal for a wider range of face shapes. Nevertheless, all the variations do have the same basic components in common – side parting, short hair (3 inches or less), and hair combed to the side and back.

Although the side part works best with men who have thicker hair, it is still possible to get and style the side part with fine or thin hair.

How To Get A Side Part Haircut

As with many men’s haircuts, finding a photo of the style you want and taking it to your barber will help ensure that you get the best cut. This rule is especially important with a hairstyle as varied as the side part since the cut goes by many different names, including the businessman haircut or “traditional cut with a part”.

Gentleman Haircut - Low Fade with Side Part and Brush Up

If you do need to describe the side part haircut to your barber, here are some of the details to mention. For instance, choose which side of the face you want your hair parted to. While every guy’s hair has a natural part, some of you may want to change it up; if so, communicate that with your stylist.

Also, if you’re hoping for a part with more volume, make sure your hair is at least 2 to 4 inches long and that your barber leaves the hair longer on top. Potential variations to request include a hard part, in which a line is shaved to emphasize the parting of the hair. The hard part haircut is a modern creation and can be used to create a more trendy style.

Finally, you’ll want to decide on how short to cut the sides. For a taper or fade, your barber will use clippers with a number setting of 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4; otherwise, for a more classic side part, try a clipper guard size of 5 or 6.

The Classic Side Part

How To Style The Side Part Haircut

Because the side part is a minimalist haircut, styling is especially important and requires a good quality pomade, wax, or putty. Adding volume is a good option for a classic, formal hairstyle, while slicking the hair down will create a businessman look appropriate for work.

The great thing about this gentlemen’s haircut is that there are enough styling possibilities for any occasion. Whether you want a professional hairstyle for the office or a cool hairstyle for a date, the side part offers the best of both worlds.

Men's Side Part Hairstyles - Classic Gentlemen's Cut

To style the side part haircut for a natural, refined look, follow the instructions below:

  1. Wash and towel dry your hair until lightly damp.
  2. Take a sparing amount of pomade or your favorite hair product and rub it between your hands to warm. Apply through your hair evenly on both sides of the part.
  3. Comb the parted hair to the side and back, directing all of the strands towards one point.
  4. If you want some volume in the front, similar to a brush up, comb your hair simultaneously to the back and side. By brushing in an angular direction, you can create more height and texture.
  5. Finally, comb the opposite side of your hair down or back, depending upon your preference.

As with any men’s hairstyle, feel free to experiment to find the best style for you.

Side Part Haircut For Men - High Skin Fade with Hard Part and Beard

The Best Side Part Hairstyles

The side part will continue to be a classic gentleman’s hairstyle, and with so many different styles and looks, it’s a cool haircut for any guy. Check out our collection of side part haircuts below to find the best cut for you!

Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part - Short Sides with Part

Low Fade with Hard Part

Side Part Haircut - Low Fade with Hard Part

High Taper Fade with Side Part and Brush Up

High Taper Fade with Hard Side Part and Brush Up

Slicked Side Part with Fade

Men's Slicked Side Part with Fade

High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part and Shape Up

High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part and Shape Up

High Fade with Hard Side Part Cut

High Fade with Hard Side Part Cut

Classic Gentlemen’s Cut

Gentlemen's Cut - The Side Part

Modern Hard Side Part with Short Sides

Cool Modern Hard Side Part with Short Sides

Mid Fade with Hard Side Part

Mid Fade with Hard Side Part