The pompadour is one of the most popular and stylish haircuts for men. While the pompadour hairstyle dates back to 18th century France, Elvis brought the pompadour haircut to the forefront of men’s style in the 50’s.

Recently, this classic men’s hairstyle has been updated with a twist and many new variations. For instance, guys can get a pompadour undercut, fade or taper on the sides and back. Further, men can style a long and short pompadour. In fact, this cool cut works with a variety of lengths, textures, and hair types, such as thick, straight, curly and wavy hair!

To help guys cut and style the pomp, here are the best pompadour hairstyles for men.


What Is A Pompadour?

The men’s pompadour is a haircut defined by length on top with shorter sides and back. Voluminous and dramatic, the hair is longest at the front of the head to give a “pomp”, which can be styled in many ways. Towards the back of the head, the length of hair is shorter and more similar in length to the cropped back and sides.

The Classic Pompadour Haircut with Beard

Today, many versions of the classic pompadour exist. For example, you can style the pompadour short or long, with an undercut, faded, or disconnected. With the right styling and maintenance, pompadour hair is a fantastic way to show off color and texture.

Modern Pompadour Hairstyle with Low Skin Fade and Beard

How To Get A Pompadour

To get a pompadour, finding pictures of the style is essential, especially when you plan to visit a barbershop or stylist. If you need, bookmark this page and show your barber the exact pompadour hairstyle you want so he knows exactly how to cut your hair and give you the style you want.

Pompadour Haircut

In terms of how to cut a pompadour, the haircut is surprisingly easy – short sides with long, thick hair on top. Your barber will section off the top of your hair and taper fade the sides to your desired length. To get a disconnected pompadour, you will need to ask for a high skin fade.

Disconnected Pompadour

Then your barber will proceed to layer the top of your hair to give the iconic long front and short back. Ensure that you have at least three inches of hair length at the top of your head before requesting the pompadour haircut, as this will make the hairstyle more impressive and easier to style.

High Fade with Loose Pompadour

How To Style A Pompadour

Styling a pompadour is essential to how good it looks. Adding volume and hold to your hair will emphasize the pomp at the front, and the style can be modified by parting your hair to the side instead of combing it straight back.

How To Style A Pompadour

To style a pompadour:

  1. Start by showering and towel-drying your hair. Clean, damp hair will give you the best base when applying a hair styling product.
  2. Scoop a few fingers of your hair product, rub between your hands to warm it, and work it into your hair. Make sure to evenly distribute the pomade, wax or putty into all of your hair in the front and back.
  3. Brushing your hair up and back with a comb, gently blow dry into a pomp. This stage will begin the curved pomp look, so ensure that it is the desired shape and height.
  4. Comb your hair from the roots up to maximize the volume and hold of the pomade. Use the comb to style your pomp into the shape you want. You can even use your fingers to lift and texture certain parts of your hair.
  5. Depending on how long your hair is, you can style the pomp between your hands by pushing the pomp up from the back while smoothing it at the front. This can create more emphasis on the pomp itself. Otherwise, for a short pompadour, focus more on styling it back rather than up.
  6. When you have the exact pompadour style you want, blow dry your hair in place.

Modern Pompadour with Mid Skin Fade

Best Hair Products For The Pompadour Hairstyle

The best hair product for the pompadour depends on how you want to style your pomp. The right pomade or wax for your hair depends on how much hold you need to maintain a pomp and whether you want a glossy shine or matte.

Side Part Pompadour

Men with hair that is difficult to control will want a strong-hold pomade to keep the pompadour all day, while other guys may find that less hold is necessary. As a general rule, thicker hair requires a stronger hold.

Pompadour Fade Hairstyle

Suavetico and Layrite both offer two strengths of water-based pomade. Suavetico Firme and Layrite Super Hold are perfect for those who need a high-hold pomade that stays strong all day. The Layrite Original and Suavetico Original Hold are the slightly weaker alternatives with medium-hold, but won’t feel so stiff in the hair. The decision is mainly up to personal preference and hair type, and both brands use water-bases which wash out easily in the shower.

Long Pompadour Haircut

Alternatively, guys can always use hair wax. Wax is just as popular and easy to apply as pomade, but offers less shine for a matte look. If you want more flow and movement coupled with a natural, textured finish, then use a good wax. In fact, we recommend buying a high-quality brand of each styling product so you can change your look throughout the week.

Pompadour Hairstyle

Here are the best hair products to style a pompadour!

Long Undercut Pompadour with Hair Design

Best Pompadour Hairstyles To Get

With so many variations of the pompadour haircut, you can style a different men’s hairstyle every day of the week. To inspire you to get the cut and experiment with different pomps, here’s some of our favorite pictures of pompadours.

Men's Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour

The disconnected pompadour is defined by a blunt break between the hair on top and the shorter sides, thereby accentuating the length and height of the pomp. While some prefer the more gradual and cohesive look offered by the pompadour fade, the disconnected pomp is more adventurous and outgoing.

Disconnected Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour Hairstyle

Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour involves a natural, wavy pomp rather than the 50’s-style sleek pomp. The tousled look is elegant and fresh, taking the high pomp and reinventing it with subtle styling that speaks to the minimalist hairstyles of recent years.

Modern Pompadour

Mid Fade with Hard Part and Modern Pompadour

Classic Pompadour

Contrary to the modern version, the classic pompadour is more sleek and smooth, generally employing a high-shine or even oil-based pomade for a glossy finish.

The Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour For Men

Undercut Pompadour

Following the short sides with long top trend, the undercut pompadour offers buzzed sides that are not faded. Because there is no taper fade, the undercut pomp provides a distinct contrast between the top and sides.

Undercut Pompadour

Pompadour Undercut For Men

Pompadour Fade

Unlike the undercut, a faded pompadour allows for the sides to decrease in length gradually. The best part is that guys can choose from a number of different types of fades, including high, mid, low, and skin/bald.

Low Taper Fade with Pompadour

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Taper

Short Pompadour

The short pompadour allows guys who prefer shorter hair the ability to still style the look. While a strong pomade or hair wax will be needed to keep the short pomp in place, the hairstyle will still look dapper and classy.

Short Pompadour with Skin Fade

Short Pompadour Haircut

Short Pompadour Undercut

Long Pompadour

The long pompadour is also feasible for guys with medium to long hair. The benefit of styling a pompadour with long hair is that men can also switch their hairstyle and comb a variety of other looks, including the slick back, quiff and comb over fade.

Long Pompadour

Undercut with Long Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour with High Fade

Slicked Back Pompadour with Undercut and Shape Up

Low Skin Fade with Pompadour and Hard Part

Low Skin Fade with Pompadour and Hard Part

Classic Pompadour with Short Sides

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle with Short Sides

Pompadour with High Skin Fade and Shape Up

Pompadour with High Skin Fade and Shape Up

Modern Pompadour with Taper Fade

Modern Pompadour with Taper Fade

Thick Modern Pompadour with Bald Fade

Thick Modern Pompadour with Bald Fade

If you loved the pomp haircut, check out the quiff and disconnected undercut!