37 Sexy Perm Hairstyles For Men

If you’ve always wanted curly hair, a perm for men might be the right salon treatment for you. Perms for guys have been trending in recent years, and there are a number of cool styles you can pull off. Also known as a man perm, permed hair can work with any natural hair type, and your haircut will feature extra volume and fullness. Most guys prefer a short hair perm with tight coils and a fade or undercut on the sides and back. However, long hair can look trendy with a loose perm. Check out the best perm hairstyles for men to find a unique style that will make your curly hair stand out.

Perm Hair Men

Perm Hair Men

Tight Perm

Tight perms are great for men with short hair who want a stylish modern hairstyle. A tight curl perm comes with defined coils and is usually complemented by a fade haircut or undercut on the sides. Easy to get and simple to style, guys will need a strong hair product to push and pull the tight curls around.

Tight Perm Men

For a more natural and textured finish, apply mousse or a curl-enhancing smoothie. Chic and sleek, a tight perm is the perfect hairstyle for teen boys and young men who want to try out the look.

Tight Curl Perm Hair Men

Loose Perm

The loose perm works best for men with medium length and long hair who want a fresh hairstyle. Loose curl perms can be styled messy, brushed back, combed forward, or swept to the side. Guys should use a light styling product like mousse to achieve some control and texture but maximize volume and flow.

Loose Perm Men

Loose Curl Perm Male

Fade with Perm

Getting a fade with a perm is an easy way to achieve a low-maintenance look that exudes masculinity. Before getting your hair permed, ask your barber for a fade haircut on the sides and back. With so many different types of fades to choose from, guys can pick a high, mid, or low fade paired with a burst, drop, skin/bald, or taper finish.

Perm Fade Men

Sleek and cool, a taper fade cut creates the contrast needed to focus the eyes on the curly hairstyle on top. The tapered sides will look good on men with short, medium length or long hair. As one of the popular types, getting a man perm fade can be a great transition, allowing you endless styling options.

Fade Perm Hair Men

Man Perm Fade Haircut

Short Hair with Perm

A short hair perm for men is trendy and easy to style. When you perm short hair, it creates tighter curls that maintain their natural bounce without any styling products. Guys should combine perms for short hair with fades or undercuts on the sides.

Short Hair Perm Men

Like a classic curly hair fade, this is a trending men’s hairstyle you have to try. Simple and fresh, you can use hair products to add texture, natural shine, and bounce while enhancing the coils of your curly hair.

Short Curly Hair Perms For Guys

Short Hair Perms For Guys

Long Hair with Perm

Men who want the long hair perm can style their curly hairstyle like a 70s rockstar with tight coils or choose a modern look with natural flow and loose curls. We recommend guys pick a long hairstyle that boosts volume and movement with simple styling products.

Long Hair Perm Men

For starters, use sea salt spray to give your locks a light hold with some texture and shine. Gently pull on the ends to stretch out the long permed hair. How you style your long hair will determine whether you pull off a grungy or pretty boy look.

Men's Long Hair Perm

Medium Length Perm

Stray from traditional short men’s haircuts and adopt a medium-length perm for a textured, masculine look with longer hair. To further enhance your medium curly hairstyle, spritz your hair with sea salt spray and comb through with your fingers. Messy and textured, this will make you look like you’ve spent the morning enjoying the ocean waves and give you more of a relaxed vibe.

Medium Perm Men

Medium Length Curly Hair Perm Men

Undercut with Perm

An undercut with a perm is an exceptional way to create a hairstyle. The perm undercut is just an alternative to the fade and allows you to change your styling for a different look. To create a curly hair undercut, your barber will buzz the sides and back to one uniform length. How high and short your undercut haircut goes is up to you, but some guys even like to get their sides shaved down for an edgy cut.

Perm Undercut

Ultimately, the undercut creates a distinctive line between the short sides and longer curls on top. To style your perm, all you need to do is apply your favorite hair products for a naturally sexy hairstyle for men.

Undercut with Perm Men

Fringe with Perm

Getting a fringe with a perm can be a modern way of styling your curls. The curly hair fringe has been a cool men’s hair trend for years now and is particularly popular for guys with big foreheads. To style a fringe, start with faded sides and longer curls on top.

Short Fringe Curly Hair Perm Men

Using mousse, cream, or sea salt spray, push your hair forward so it hangs over the front of your head. Whether you sweep it to the side, leave it short in the front, or want it to cover most of your forehead, this hairstyle looks universally fashionable.

Curly Hair Fringe Perm Men

Wavy Perm

For guys with medium length and long hair, a wavy perm might be a stylish choice. Wavy perms are the result of curls loosening and stretching, creating a textured wavy hairstyle.

Wavy Perm Men

Cool and sexy when styled messy, flowing, or combed over to one side, wavy hair for men is best styled with a light-hold product. Apply a mousse, cream, or smoothie to enhance volume and add thickness to your style.

Men's Wavy Perm Hair

Caesar Cut with Perm

Short and sleek, the Caesar cut with a perm has been popular for generations. Similar to the crew cut in length, the Caesar haircut has short bangs in the front. For this look, your curly hair is cut short but the extra length is left in front. Combed forward and loose, a Caesar with permed hair creates the iconic look.

Caesar Cut Perm Hair Men

Comb Over with Perm

If you have short to medium length hair, opting for a comb over perm can give you a refreshing look that’s easy to maintain. By embracing a cool haircut and an asymmetric parted style, a curly hair comb over hairstyle is perfect for men who want a trendy look and plenty of volume.

Comb Over Perm Hair Men

With a fade or undercut on the sides and back, guys will look handsome while making it easy to get ready in the morning with this simple style. Make sure to use a strong pomade or wax to keep your curls styled all day.

Comb Over Perm

Perm Mohawk

Be bold and get a mohawk with your permed hair. Edgy and bold, the curly hair mohawk is perfect for men who want a unique look that will stand out anywhere. Guys can ask their barbers for a fade, undercut, or shaved sides. With longer hair on top, your mohawk perm will look best loose and with a thick line of hair running down the middle of your head.

Perm Mohawk

For men who want a badass hairstyle but need something less drastic, consider the curly hair faux hawk. Either way, you’ll need to use a strong hair product to maintain the style throughout the day. In the end, you’ll instantly feel cooler and more confident with this look.

Curly Hair Mohawk Fade Perm Men

Blonde Perm Hair

If you’re intrigued with different hair color ideas for men, then dye your hair blonde and get a perm. Blonde curly hair is uniquely vibrant and hot, especially in the spring and summer. Guys can also bleach their hair and experiment with platinum blonde, white, grey, and a variety of colors. Since chemicals are involved in this process, it’s best to see a hairstylist who can help you achieve the right color.

Blonde Perm Hair

Parted Perm

If you want a modern hairstyle that’s been trending, consider a hard part with a perm for a stylish cut. Parted hair can be styled in two main ways – in the middle or on the side. Like a middle or side part haircut with a fade, this look combines the classic elements of texture and style to your curly hair. For a truly bold take, ask your barber to shave in a thick line to create extra contrast and intrigue.

Hard Side Part Perm

Perm with Men’s Long Bangs

A long fringe with a perm is suitable for men who have thicker hair and want to showcase their natural texture. Similarly, long bangs can deliver a dark, sexy, mysterious look. Ask your barber to cut a taper fade and then cut the top short to medium length. When styling your long curly bangs, sweep the hair to the side or brush all of it forward. Use texturizing product to enhance your curls with natural shine.

Perm with Men's Long Bangs

Mid Fade with Perm

The mid fade perm offers the perfect balance of cool and professional. The mid taper fade haircut continues to be a work-appropriate cut that is still low-maintenance and highlights the style on top. Men with short and medium curly hair will have limitless styling options. Whether you want your curls to look loose and casual or tight and coiled, you’re left with a handsome hairstyle you can wear anywhere.

Mid Fade Perm Men

Middle Part with Perm

Trends always come back around, which is why getting a middle part with a perm is a good way of embracing the resurgence of popular 90s fashion. Also known as the curtain haircut, get a taper fade or undercut on the sides and back. Then ask your barber to cut the hair shorter at the back of your head while leaving enough length along the sides and front to create a noticeable part.

Middle Parted Curtains Curly Hair Perm Men

Use a comb to separate your hair into two sections; this typically works best when your hair is wet since it allows your curls to dry in the stylish middle part with minimal effort.

Middle Part Perm Hair Men

Perm with Pompadour

For extra volume and height, get one of the most popular hairstyles for men with a permed pompadour. The curly hair pompadour can be elevated by the texture of your curls and allows you to create a look that’s impossible to ignore. With short on the sides, your barber will leave extra long hair on top, specifically in the front of your head.

Curly Hair Pompadour Perm Men

Apply pomade and then use a brush to sweep your curls into the traditional pomp shape. When paired with a leather jacket for a night out, the pompadour perm hairstyle transforms you into a 1950s heartthrob.

Long Curly Pompadour Perm Men

Perm with Volume

While perms can transform the texture of your hair from straight to wavy or curly, permed hair also delivers volume for a thicker look. The process of getting permed hair to create volume is different from that associated with a traditional perm, so be sure to specify your preference when you visit your barber.

Perm Hair Men with Volume

To really boost volume and enhance your curls, use a diffuser on your hair dryer for extra depth. Apply a lightweight mousse or sea salt spray to keep your perm in place as you blow it out.

Big Curly Hair Perm Men

Asian Perm For Men

Asian men love to perm their hair, and the results are stunning. Like white men, Asian guys can pull off both long and short permed hair. With a taper fade haircut or undercut, the style is trendy, sexy, and versatile. Leave it messy and loose with volume or tight and neat for a classy hairstyle.

Asian Perm Men

Perms For Guys

  • Short hair perms look best with tight curls. Use a curl-enhancing cream to keep your curly hair healthy, shiny, and without frizz.
  • Long hair perms style nicely with loose flowing curls. A lightweight product such as mousse or cream is ideal.
  • Get a taper, fade, or undercut on the sides and back to highlight your curly hair on top.
  • Good hair care is essential to maintaining your permed hair. Wash your hair less often, and only use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner to maximize moisture and minimize frizz.
  • On average, men’s perms cost between $50 and $150. Prices can range depending on location, salon, stylist, and the specific type of perm you want. However, the cost of a perm for guys is often cheaper than the same hair treatment for women.
  • There are different types of perms for guys, so talk to your stylist before choosing the right process for you.