Military haircuts are short, easy to style, and simple to maintain. Although a military cut requires very short hair, there are some variation between hairstyles that allow guys to pick different short and long styles that flatter their hair type and face shape.

For example, you can choose between a high or low fade and undercut on the sides. The military fade tends to be buzzed down to the skin or cut with a #1 guard size. Then you have the choice of how short you want to cut the top, such as a regulation military buzz cut, crew cut, burr, induction, or high and tight! Ultimately, military style haircuts can look cool if you find the right cut and hairstyle for your look.

Below, we have the best military haircut styles for men as well as some stylish variations you’ll love. So whether you’re a soldier, marine, police officer, or a regular guy who wants a traditional military hairstyle that’s low-maintenance, check out the badass looks in this guide!

Military Haircut

Military Haircuts and Hairstyles

Generally, a military haircut is a type of short hairstyle. However, as a soldier is promoted, he is unofficially allowed to grow longer hair, which is why we’ve included pictures of all types of cool short and long military styles.

Cool Military Haircuts and Hairstyles

Induction Cut

Military Induction Cut

Burr Cut

Men's Military Haircut - Burr Cut

Regulation Cut

Military Haircut Styles - Regulation Cut

Buzz Cut

Military Haircut - Buzz Cut

Crew Cut

Military Haircut - Crew Cut

Brush Cut

Military Hairstyles - Brush Cut

High and Tight

Military Cut - High and Tight

High and Tight Recon

Military Haircut - High and Tight Recon

Military Fade

Military Fade

High Skin Fade

Military High Fade

Low Fade

Low Fade Military Haircut

Military Undercut

Military Undercut - High and Tight

High and Tight Military Fade

High and Tight Military Fade

Shaved Head

Shaved Head

Army Flat Top

Army Flat Top

Very Short Hair on Top with Bald Fade

Military Fade Haircut Styles

Short Mohawk Fade

Short Mohawk Fade