Whether you love it or hate it, the man bun, along with the undercut, fade, quiff and comb over, has been one of the most popular men’s hairstyles in recent years. The origins of the trendy man bun hairstyle are hazy, but mostly hipsters can be credited for its rise. If you have long hair or are planning to grow your hair out, our man bun styles may be the perfect solution. Read on to learn how to make and tie a man bun.

Best Man Bun Haircuts - How To Do A Man Bun

What Is A Man Bun?

The name itself can be confusing to some men – what is a man bun exactly and how is it different than the top knot? As the name implies, the man bun hairstyle is simply hair gathered to form a round bun at the back of the head. There are several variations to this cool men’s hairstyle, such as the full bun, the low bun, the half bun and even the undercut man bun.

How To Do A Man Bun

You can also pair a man bun with a full beard for the manly lumberjack look that’s in vogue right now. If you’re looking to grow a man bun but want a rugged, hard look to offset your long hair, then this style may be the right choice for you.

Man Bun vs. Top Knot

While the man bun and top knot may look similar to the untrained eye, there are key differences nevertheless. A top knot is formed on top of the head and tied to create a knotted look. You don’t need as much hair to tie a top knot, and the sides are either shaved with a high skin fade or cut very short as an undercut.

Top Knot For Men

On the other hand, a man bun usually hangs lower and pulls hair from the top, bottom and sides. Ultimately, the man bun haircut involves hair that’s equally long on all sides.

Man Bun Haircut - What Is A Man Bun

How To Get A Man Bun

To get the man bun, you’ll need to grow your hair out. Guys will need at least 6 inches of hair length for a basic man bun. Anything shorter than that is almost impossible to tie up, although you may be able to tie a top knot until you grow enough hair for the bun.

Nevertheless, for a long hair man bun, you will need to grow your hair at least 10 to 12 inches in length. Growing your hair that long can take several months, especially if you are starting from a shorter cut.

Long Hair Man Bun

If you’re starting from a short men’s haircut and want to avoid looking shabby, ask your barber to give you an even cut so your hair grows equally on all sides.

How To Get and Style A Man Bun

To put your hair in a man bun, especially your first time, you’ll need to plan generally where you want to form it. For most bun hairstyles, this would be at the crown of the head or near the top backside.

Man Bun Undercut

To do the bun, you’ll want to start by brushing all your hair into your other hand. Be sure to get any stray hairs on the top, side and back; otherwise, you could leave some loose hairs for an unkempt, messy look.

While holding this fistful of hair, grab a hair tie or band with your free hand and pass it through your hair twice. A good way to do this without losing hold of your hair is to hold the band close to the root and then pass your hair through it.

On the second pass, stop midway through, causing your hair to double up and over. For a tighter style, you could pass the hair the second time and stop halfway at the third go. With this fold in your hair, you’ve just tied and made a man bun.

How To Tie A Man Bun

It will take some experimentation to see what place at the back of your head works best for a man bun, but for most people, at or slightly lower than the crown is a good spot.

How To Maintain A Man Bun

While getting a man bun hairstyle may be easy, maintaining the style is certainly more involved. Because long hair can start to look greasy very quickly, it is important that you shampoo your hair every other day to keep your long locks looking healthy. And if you are sporting a man bun and beard, you’ll definitely want to take care of your facial hair with some beard oil.

Hair Bun For Men - The Man Bun with Beard

If you have a dry scalp, you can use dry shampoo twice a week and normal shampoo just once a week. Dry shampoo does not rob your scalp of its natural oils, thus keeping your hair shiny and lustrous. For people with an oily scalp, shampooing every other day is a must to avoid hair care problems. And don’t forget the humble conditioner for smooth hair.

Finally, guys should always avoid tying their hair too tightly. This can lead to an early onset of male pattern baldness.

How To Style A Man Bun

How To Get The Top Knot

As we discussed earlier, the top knot hairstyle for men is simply a man bun with a twist. For instance, the top knot is made with a smaller bun of hair and is formed at the top of the back of the head instead of the crown or below.

Furthermore, guys don’t need as much hair for the top knot, making it an easier style to achieve. In fact, you may even choose to get a top knot temporarily as your hair grows out and you’re on your way to styling a man bun.

Finally, to make a top knot, you’ll need an undercut or high skin fade on the back and sides of your head. This contrast is a crucial part of the top knot haircut.

Undercut Top Knot - How To Tie A Top Knot

How To Style A Top Knot

To style a top knot, you must tie your hair into a knot as you would a man bun, except the knot has to be at the top of your head. Following the same steps we outlined earlier, gather all your hair into one hand and tie it up with a band or hair tie.

You could have the knot slightly off-center for a slightly edgy look, or more on top of your head for a “samurai hairstyle”. Either way, the result is a smaller knot of hair that is distinctly longer and thicker than the faded sides.

Men's Top Knot Hairstyle

Cool Man Bun and Top Knot Hairstyles

If you’re looking for more creative twists and inspiration, the man bun and top knot hairstyles offer a lot of versatility. To help you come up with the best long men’s hair, we’ve compiled a variety of possible styles and looks, including the man bun and beard. So the next time you visit your local barbershop or stylist, you will have a picture to show your barber exactly what you want.

Man Bun Styles

Man Bun Samurai Hairstyle - How To Style A Man Bun

Man Bun Hair

Man Bun With Beard

Cool Man Bun with Beard

Cool Man Bun Hairstyles

Large Man Bun

Messy Man Bun Hair