Leg tattoos are often underappreciated since most guys look to get tattooed on their arm, chest, shoulder or back. Despite this, there are many cool leg tattoo ideas that take advantage of this excellent canvas. Whether you want a tattoo on your thigh, calf, shin, ankle, or even a full leg sleeve tattoo, getting inked on your leg may be the perfect choice for some guys.

For starters, leg tattoos for guys are easy to cover up with slacks or jeans at the office. And like a half or full arm sleeve, awesome leg tattoo designs can wrap around the lower leg or upper thigh.

If you’re looking for a single leg piece design or badass themes for a full leg sleeve, here are the best leg tattoos for men. From small and simple to tribal designs to drawings of dragons, skulls, angels, warriors, quotes, lions or wolves, these top leg tattoo ideas will inspire you!

Leg Tattoos

Cool Leg Tattoo Ideas

Leg tattoo ideas for men come in all shapes, sizes and designs, and depending on placement and styling, a skilled artist can make any type of artwork look good on your skin.

Leg Tattoos For Men

For example, thigh or upper leg tattoos provide the most space but the least visibility. If hiding your ink isn’t an issue, you can get amazing body art on the side of your thigh or on the front of your leg.

Thigh Tattoos For Men

However, you won’t be able to show it off regularly until the summer. Still, thigh tattoos should be all about the meaning behind the design.

Leg Tattoo Ideas

And as one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo, we highly recommend you avoid a men’s knee tattoo unless it’s absolutely necessary to complete a full leg design. The front or back of the knee is covered with thin skin and sits directly over bone; you’re just asking for the pain.

Leg Tattoo Ideas For Men

Shin tattoos also hurt and you’ll absolutely feel the vibrations of the needle on your shin bone.

Shin Tattoos

Finally, calf tattoos are popular because the calf area combines great placement, good size, and an average amount of pain. Because everyone’s pain threshold is different, some guys say it’s one of the least painful locations while others disagree.

Calf Tattoos

Ultimately, the best calf tattoo ideas for men can make the potential sacrifice worth it.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Best Leg Tattoo Designs

Guys have a number of options when it comes to leg tattoo designs. You can go for a phoenix, wolf, owl, cross, bear, bird, mechanical gears, compass, or arrow.

Best Leg Tattoo Designs

Similarly, leg tattoos can be in color, black, grey, and white. The coloring will determine how artistic or realistic the design will look.

Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

For small leg tattoos, consider something you can put on your ankle, calf or the side of your leg. A simple arrow running down the side, a star on the back of the leg, or a thick black band around the ankle or calf can be easy.

Small Leg Tattoos

However, you can be far more creative when it comes to full and half leg sleeve tattoos. A highly detailed dragon head on your thigh with his body wrapped around your leg and down to your ankle makes a bold statement.

Half Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo

A tribal leg tattoo makes for an impressive leg piece as well. Tribal designs can be laid out on the back of your calf, or cover your whole leg.

Tribal Leg Tattoo

If you’re dedicated to getting the most masculine ink possible and maximizing this canvas, then definitely consider a leg sleeve. Create a collage of unique ideas or find a common theme to fill up the entire space.

Lower Leg Tattoos

If you’re ready to discover all the hottest ideas, then check out these best leg tattoos for men. We’re confident our gallery of cool designs will help you find inspiration for new body art.

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