Kit Harington’s haircut offers a new look at how guys with medium-length and long hair can style their locks. Unfortunately, getting Harington’s hair is easier said than done. The Kit Harington hairstyle comes in many variations, but the style is primarily flowing curly hair with a beard. As Jon Snow’s hair in the hit show Game of Thrones on HBO, this cut and style works well for his character. However, the actor has been known to slick back his long hair or even cut his hair short.

To grow his signature curls and full facial hair, check out our collection of pictures, which include the star’s best long and short hair over the years!

Best Kit Harington Hairstyles

Before styling a curly hairstyle like Kit Harington, you’ll need to have the right hair products. A good pomade with a light to medium hold is essential to slicking back your thick hair or keeping your curly hair in place.

When styling the Hollywood star’s short hair – a hard part comb over – men will need to apply their product to damp hair, making sure to work it in throughout. Then, using a brush or comb, find the natural part in your hair, and comb your hair to the side and back. Finally, make sure to brush the hair on the side of your head down for a slick, clean look.

See Kit Harington’s best haircut styles below for inspiration!

Thick Curly Hair + Beard

Kit Harington Hair - Thick Flowing Curly Hair with Beard

In Kit Harington’s signature hairstyle pictured here, his textured long hair falls evenly down his neck in glossy waves. Along with a slight side swept style just above his face and a subtle beard and mustache.

Long Curly Hair + Thick Beard

Jon Snow Hair - Curly Long Hair

Recognized by many as his character Jon Snow, this is the look Harington dons on the Game of Thrones set – longer, bushier, messier locks and a thicker beard that covers most of his face.

Long Slicked Back Hair + Full Beard

Kit Harington Haircut - Long Slicked Back Hair with Full Beard

Harington slicks back his long waves for a classier, fancier hairstyle. While his beard is cut cleaner and tamer, it is still visible and adds an extra pop to this sleek look.

Hard Part Comb Over

Kit Harington Short Hair - Hard Part Comb Over

Similar to his slicked back hair, Harington rocks a shorter haircut than usual with an edgy, straight part visible on the side of his head. Creating a hard part and combing over the hair on either side into a swept-back, tidy look adds even more structure to his face.

Curly Medium-Length Hair + Beard

Kit Harington Hairstyle - Medium-Length Curly Hair with Beard

Going for a windblown look, Harington’s long, tousled hair is in full effect. The style is cut shorter in the back and tucked behind his ears to make his face more visible.

Hard Side Part + Slick Sides

Kit Harington Haircut - Hard Side Part + Slicked Back Sides

This glossy, sleek style is comprised of a hard side part with hair pushed back on either side to create a clean, classy look.

Long Hair + Curls + Facial Hair

Jon Snow Hair - Long Hair with Curls and Facial Hair

Here, Harington’s thick locks have grown long enough to fall down the back of his neck, while his glossy black curls frame his face and his dark beard is left untamed.