Julian Edelman’s haircut is among the most fashionable in the NFL. As a comb over fade with a beard, the Edelman hairstyle happens to be one of the most popular cuts and styles of the year. But Julian Edelman’s hair isn’t always short, textured and styled; at times in the past and on the field, the Patriot’s wide receiver has been known to have messy or long hair.

Best Julian Edelman Haircuts

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle and aren’t sure what stylish haircut you should get, check out the best Julian Edelman haircuts for inspiration. Between his short comb over and long slicked back undercut, you’ll find a cool style to try! You may even decide to grow out his thick, full beard!

Comb Over Fade with Beard

Julian Edelman Haircut - Comb Over Fade with Beard

The rugged, handsome style of the comb over fade with a beard is Edelman’s signature look.

Slicked Back Undercut

Julian Edelman Hair - Slicked Back Undercut

Similar to the faded comb over and beard style, Edelman has been seen sporting the cleaner look of a slicked back undercut and shorter facial hair on different occasions.

Short, Textured Hair

Julian Edelman Haircut - Short and Textured with Fade

With the short beard still in effect, Edelman’s also tried thick textured hair, brushed back for more volume.

Messy, Long Hair with Full Beard

Julian Edelman Long Hair - Messy Textured Top

Rather than styling the locks on top of his head, here’s an example of guys opting for a messy look. The carefree attitude continues down to a long, full beard.

High Fade with Side Swept Hair

Julian Edelman Haircut - High Fade with Side Swept Hair

In this cut, Edelman kept the hair long up top and swept it to the side, with a high fade on the sides.

Undercut with Messy Hair and Thick Beard

Julian Edelman Hairstyle - Undercut with Messy Long Hair and Beard

Similar to the long, untamed beard and hairstyle combination he’s known for, here’s another example of an undercut with messy top.

Textured Comb Over

Julian Edelman - Textured Comb Over

In this look, Edelman has classic tapered sides with a textured comb over for a more clean, mature vibe.

Brushed Up Fringe with Short Sides

Julian Edelman Hair - Brushed Up Fringe with Short Sides

This Edelman haircut is reflective of his past styles, with the exception of a brushed up fringe in front and some barely-there stubble.

Long Comb Over with Undercut and Beard

Julian Edelman Hair - Long Comb Over with Undercut and Beard

This hairstyle combines a short undercut on the sides with medium length hair that falls over his forehead. The look is complete with a thick, bushy beard. This is arguably his best look on the football field.