The Ivy League haircut is a stylish variation of the crew cut. Also known as the Harvard or Princeton haircut, the Ivy League cut is a combination of the crew cut’s short hair and the side part’s slick, side swept style. Ultimately, the men’s Ivy League hairstyle is the perfect look for guys wanting a trendy, yet classy style.

If your curious about this modern gentleman’s haircut and want to see the best examples of the Ivy League in action, our guide will help you get this look at the barbershop. Whether you want a short or long Ivy League cut on top paired with a fade or taper on the sides, here are the best Ivy League haircuts for men to get right now.

Ivy League Haircut

What Is The Ivy League Haircut?

The Ivy League haircut is really just cut the same way as a crew cut. However, the Princeton haircut differentiates itself by leaving more hair at the top of the head, allowing men to part and sweep their hair to the side. To avoid cutting your hair too short, your barber will likely use scissors instead of clippers when trimming the hair on top.

Princeton Haircut - The Ivy League

Given its sharp, clean and professional style, the Harvard clip makes for a great business hairstyle. Moreover, college guys absolutely love the Ivy League cut because of its easy, low-maintenance styling that goes with any look or outfit.

The Classic Ivy League Haircut

How To Cut An Ivy League Haircut

Since the Ivy League cut is generally a short hairstyle for men, it is really easy to get. The haircut only requires about an inch or two of hair length on top and maybe a fade on the sides. We highly recommend visiting your barbershop with at least 2 inches of hair when trying to get a short Ivy League haircut; although, you could always try for a long cut that may require 3 inches of hair to work with.

Men's Ivy League Haircut

You’ll also need some quality hair product for styling purposes. We recommend a pomade, wax or putty for a clean matte or high shine finish.

When discussing the Ivy League style with your barber or stylist, it’s always helpful to have a picture, so be sure to bookmark this page or save the image of your favorite cut. If you have to describe the way you want your hair cut, the most important aspects to discuss are:

  • how short the top should be,
  • the type of fade you want on the sides and back,
  • and how long you want to leave the front.

Remember, longer hair in the front will help you brush back or part your hair, the most noteworthy part of Ivy League hair.

The Ivy League Haircut

As for the sides and back, the type of fade you choose (high vs. low vs. bald) and the length of hair you leave is all about personal style. We recommend shorter hair on the sides, so ask your barber for a clipper setting of #1 to #4.

Ivy League Crew Cut For Guys

How To Style An Ivy League Haircut

Since the Ivy League is a low-maintenance, short men’s haircut, it is very easy to style. To style the Ivy League cut, apply some hair product and use a comb or your fingers to create a side part, brush up, or brush back. You can even choose to leave the hair on top messy for a more natural look. In the end, styling the Ivy League haircut may be one of the simplest hairstyles you’ll ever have!

How To Style The Ivy League Haircut

The Best Ivy League Haircuts

If you’re interested in checking out more Ivy League hairstyles for men, we’ve compiled the best collection of cuts and styles below, and we hope you find the right short or long style for you!

Short Tapered Sides + Messy Top

Ivy League Hairstyles For Men - The Princeton Cut

Low Taper Fade + Textured Crew Cut

Ivy League Cut

Side Swept Ivy League

Long Ivy League Haircut

Thick Crew Cut + Scissor Cut Sides and Back

Short Ivy League Haircut with Beard

Textured Ivy League Cut

Short Ivy League Haircut

Short Spiky Ivy League

Ivy League Hairstyles

Longer Sides + Messy Textured Hair

Ivy League Crew Cut - The Harvard Haircut

Long Ivy League + Side Swept Fringe + Beard

Long Ivy League + Side Swept Fringe + Beard