Buzzing your head at home can be a great way to cut your own hair. Easy to get and simple to style, the buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men because it is low-maintenance, masculine, and fashionable. Fortunately, with a few simple hair cutting tools, you can give yourself a buzz cut. In fact, all you need to do a buzz cut are clippers. If you’re curious about getting a buzzed haircut, our guide will show you how to buzz your own hair. Whether you want a buzz cut with a taper fade, 3-2-1 haircut, or the longer crew cut, follow these simple steps to buzz hair so you never have to go to a barber shop again.

How To Buzz Cut Your Own Hair

Get The Best Hair Cutting Tools

Before you can be your own barber and buzz your head, you need to make sure you have the proper hair cutting tools. If you plan on doing and maintaining a buzz cut every few weeks, we highly recommend you invest in a professional hair cutting tools.

For starters, you’ll need good hair clippers. The best hair clippers come with durable self-sharpening blades, a robust motor, the option for corded and cordless use, a powerful rechargeable battery, and a functional lightweight design.

Best Hair Cutting Tools

Hair Clippers

Many barbers and stylists trust the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip. Affordable yet well-built, this machine comes from Wahl’s commercial-grade line of products and is complete with all the attachment combs you’ll ever need.

On the other hand, if you want cheap high-performance clippers, the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro is an excellent choice. Alternatively, the most popular hair clippers for home-use are the Wahl Color Pro Cordless.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about shaving your head or want a very short buzz cut length all over, then the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit.

All of these quality clippers come with a complete set of guards and attachments so you won’t need to buy these separately. Clipper guards are particularly essential if you want to experiment with different buzz cut styles.

Hand Mirror, Trimmer, and Work Space

Other important tools you’ll need include a hand mirror, detailer, and a good work area.

  • A trimmer like the Andis T-Outliner will help you trim and shave your neckline, sideburns, and around your ears.
  • You’ll need a hand mirror to buzz cut the back of your head and neck area.
  • Finally, you’ll want to think about the ideal work space. To make sure you create an even cut around your entire head, use a bathroom that has good lighting. Make sure to pick a bathroom with a large vanity mirror to help you see those hard-to-reach places.

How To Buzz Your Head

How To Buzz Your Own Hair

Check Your Scalp

Start by checking your head for bumps, scars, skin conditions, and the like. Quickly run your hands through your hair to identify any potential issues before you start cutting.

While there are a number of haircut lengths, a short buzz cut will reveal your scalp. And although no one’s head is perfectly smooth or round, it is important to feel for abnormalities that might make getting a buzz cut a bad decision.

How To Buzz Your Own Hair

Start with Clean, Dry Hair

When you’re finally ready to cut, make sure your hair is clean and dry. Take a warm shower, use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and towel-dry your hair after.

Clippers work better on clean, washed hair, so this will make the cutting process more efficient. Plus, wet hair looks longer than dry hair, so let it fully dry before you start cutting and trim it too short. This ensure you get the proper length instead of an uneven buzz cut.

How To Give Yourself A Buzz Cut

Choose A Length

There are various buzz cut lengths to consider. Choosing the length of the hair will determine the guards you will use to do the buzz cut. The traditional method is the 3-2-1 buzz cut.

The 3-2-1 haircut uses three different guards: #3 for the top, #2 for the sides, and #1 for the edges. This cut will leave around 3/8 inch on top and 1/4 inch on the sides.

3 2 1 Buzz Cut Haircut

Cutting this type of haircut will look most similar to a buzz cut fade since the short sides and back will look tapered compared to the longer hair on top. Some contrast between the sides and top will give the hairstyle a cool finish.

Alternatively, you can get an one-length buzz cut. For instance, you can do a #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 all over the head and keep the buzz cut the same length. The haircut numbers correspond t different clipper sizes, and you won’t have to change attachments.

Ultimately, how you buzz your own hair depends on your personal style. Just make sure you use the correct guards.

Buzzing Your Own Hair

Buzz The Top

Always start with the part of your head that has the longest hair – the top of your head. To start buzzing your head, use the #3 guard for the top. Cut your hair front to back and side to side.

The clippers should effortless glide through your hair, along your scalp. Keep the clippers flat against your head to pick up as much hair as possible on each pass. Do this a few times all over to completely cover the entire area and avoid missing a spot.

Buzzing Your Own Hair

Buzz The Sides

Once you are finished with the top, replace the #3 guard with the #2 guard to start on the sides. When cutting the sides short (1/4 inch), make sure to hold the clippers against your head and begin from the sideburns.

Guide the clipper upward in a strip just past the line where you cut the top. This allows the cuts to blend easily. If you’re having trouble on where to stop cutting, a helpful guide is to look at your hairline and see where your head starts to curve.

Short Sides Buzz Cut

For a self-cut, many guys do a scooping motion near the top of the sides to replicate a taper that will blend the sides and top. If you see a disconnected transition, rock the clippers outward in this scooping motion to create a faded cut.

Continue the same pattern until the sides are cut. Repeat on both sides.

How To Buzz Cut

Buzz The Back

To reach the back of your head, use a combination of a large mirror and hand mirror. For the best view, turn away from the bathroom vanity mirror and look into the hand mirror. This will give you a complete view of the back of your head.

With the #2 guard still on, begin by placing the clippers flat against the back of your head, near the neckline. Be patient and take your time as it will require some adjusting.

Now slowly push the clippers up the back of the head. Like the sides, buzz up the back and even out the cut to match the sides. Continue this same motion, moving your neck in different directions to get every part of the back of your head.

How To Buzz Hair

Clean Up Your Sideburns and Neckline with Trimmers

To create the clean lines at your neck and sideburns, you need to trim the cut. To shave the edges and outline your hairline perfectly, hold your trimmer with the teeth of the blade facing down. This will maximize control and ensure clean, sharp lines.

Trim your sideburns to the height you want. Some guys like to shave off their sideburns completely, while others like to taper it into their beard.

Trimming the back of the neck is the hardest part of a buzz cut. For beginners, ask a friend or family member for help. Otherwise, you’ll need the two mirrors to clean up and shape the neckline.

Buzz Cut Lengths

Start with a straight line all the way across the back of your neck. You can block or round the corners for trimmed neckline. Make sure the line around your ears, down the sides of your neck, and in the back are completely aligned.

Review Your Haircut

Once you are done trimming, give your buzz cut a look over. Run your clippers over any spots that you missed or need to touch up. The area you may need to go over again are typically the crown and back since you can’t easily see them, and are hard-to-reach.

How To Do A Buzz Cut

To keep your buzz cut looking good, we recommend you buzz your head every 2 to 3 weeks.