Twists are one of the best hairstyles for black men. Guys with long, medium and short hair can all easily work with the different twist styles to create a cool and stylish look. While hair twists are low maintenance and easy to style, twist hairstyles are still modern, classy and versatile. With so many different types of twists for guys, you can pair a twist with a fade, undercut, braids, high top, or mohawk to achieve any styling you want. Edgy and popular, twists have become a major men’s hair trend. If you’re looking for a fresh haircut, check out the best twist hairstyles for men to find ideas. No matter your preference or personality, there are plenty of stylish twists for black men to choose from.

Hair Twist Hairstyles For Black Men

Twist Hair For Men

Twists Fade

One of the most popular pairings, the twist with a fade is a modern modification to the natural style. The best part about pairing it with a fade is the shorter hair on the sides accentuates the hair on top, making the top hair stand out.

Twist Fade

You can choose between a high, low, or medium fade depending on your preference. This version is also versatile enough that it looks great with long or short hair and easily blends from professional to sexy and chic.

Twists with Fade Men

Twist Out

The twist out gives off an effortless and casual appearance. It is extremely low maintenance and lets you keep to your roots. This twist lets your curls do what they do best and gives your hair volume.

Twist Out Hairstyles For Men

To get the twist out hairstyle, you need to begin with two-strand twists that you leave overnight and undo in the morning to give you that bounce and volume.

Twist Out Men

Short Hair Twists

You don’t always have to go long to make a statement, short hair twists are just as bold as longer ones. This length may require more upkeep than a longer hairstyle, but it’s worth the effort. To get short twist hairstyles for men, you need to make sure you have enough hair on top, ideally 1 to 2 inches.

Short Hair Twists Men

If you decide to do tight coils be aware that they will be less defined compared to looser coils. However, both work well with a fade or taper fade and a nicely trimmed beard.

Short Twist Hairstyles Men

Medium Hair Twists

Twists with medium hair are the quintessential and most common length for this trend. Men’s medium length hair allows the coils to make a statement. Since the hair is longer, the weight from the hair creates volume and lets the hair fall around the face the same way braids do. You can part or section off the hair to show the skin to add a uniqueness to it.

Medium Hair Twists Men

Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists resemble dreads but offer a unique fashionable hairstyle for black men. Known for its simple masculine look, the two strand twist can be paired with a fade or undercut on the sides, or guys can braid the entire head. Similarly, the these twists are so versatile that they work for men with short and long hair.

Two Strand Twist Men

When trying this at home, start by taking two pieces of hair from a section and spin them together. Continue doing this with the rest of your hair until your entire head is done. Some men decide to add to the look by placing adornments such as beads at the ends of the strands.

Two Strand Twist Fade

Long Hair Twists

If you’re wanting the same effect as dreadlocks but don’t want to put in the time, long hair twists are a great substitute. These coils take longer than shorter ones but are less of a time commitment then locs. However, they do require more upkeep. When dealing with these you need to untangle every few weeks to maintain hair health. The overall appearance of this hairstyle is all about fun and fashion.

Long Hair Twists Men

Twist Braids

Twist braids are a unique type of braided hairstyle for men. Braid twist styles often have short sides with a fade or undercut haircut, but guys can get their entire head braided. Experiment with box braids or cornrows to achieve a cool men’s twist. Easy to style, braided hair requires good hair care but makes styling simple.

Twist Braids Men

Twists with Temp Fade

A twist with a temp fade is a trendy hairstyle for black men. A temp fade pairs well with every length of hair and style. The best part of the temper fade is the fade begins at the temple which emphasizes the hair and draws the eye to the top of the head. This style also helps elongate the face and is both dramatic and sexy.

Twists with Temp Fade

High Top Fade Twist

The high top fade twist is a modern take on a classic style. Unlike the flat top, the high top twist adds some funk by blowing up the hair and styling the strands in different directions.

High Flat Top Twist Hairstyle

Perfect for black men with long thick hair, this hairstyle looks great with a fade on the sides and back, line up along the hairline, and beard.

High Top Fade Twist Men

Faux Hawk Twists

Black men who want a mohawk with twists but want something less dramatic and more versatile, the faux hawk twist may be the right look for you. Like a traditional mohawk, this style keeps the hair on the sides short with a fade or undercut, while the hair on top is longer. A faux hawk allows for limitless styling options and can be pushed forward to cover part of your forehead. Whatever style you choose, you’ll come away looking sexy and stylish.

Faux Hawk Twist Hair Men

Flat Twists

Unlike other hairstyles on this list, the flat twist isn’t about achieving volume. Very similar to cornrows, flat twists for men are designed to be more casual and low-maintenance with the coils braided on the head. This doesn’t mean you can put some oomph into the look. This styling can be paired with a fade for fresh, rugged look.

Flat Twist Men

Triangle Pattern Dreadlocks with Twists

A triangle twist can be an excellent alternative to a traditional box pattern for those who want to freshen up the traditional look.

Triangle Pattern Dreadlocks with Twists

This updated version is achieved the same way as a box braid. Your stylist sections off the hair into triangular sections before coiling the hair using the two twist method.

Triangle Hair Twists Men

Taper Fade with Sponge Twists

For men with thicker curls, a taper fade with sponge twists may be the way to go. Men with coarse 4C curly hair may find it a challenge to style defined twists with the 2-strand method, but a sponge twist fade can overcome to create a sexy look.

Sponge Twist Fade

To get sponge twists, your stylist will use a sponge tool to form the twisted hair. This can work well for men with short or long hair and is complemented nicely by a fade cut.

Taper Fade with Sponge Twists

Thick Twists

An option for a more dramatic look is thick twists. Men with thinner hair won’t be able to pull this off as you need pretty thick hair to make these curls. You can achieve this look the same way you do the others but instead, make each section thicker than normal. This style works well for short and medium hair and can easily be done at home.

Thick Twists Men

Bleached Blonde Twists

Made famous by football player Odell Beckham Jr., bleached blonde twists are a way for your personality and fashion to shine. You can bleach any length of hair, but the hair stands out more when you have short to medium length hair. You can either dye the tips like on a high top or color all your hair. The most common color ideas are blonde, platinum or white, but you can also do cool vibrant colors like red, blue, and yellow.

Bleached Blonde Twists Men

Twist Out with Undercut

A twist out with an undercut is a fresh look that melds the 90’s with modern times. The undercut is a short cut with a uniform length all around the head that allows you to emphasize the hair on top. This look is best paired with long or medium hair and can be styled multiple ways such as pulling the hair in different directions or even pairing it with a mohawk.

Twist Out with Undercut

Twist Hair For Boys

Low-maintenance and easy to do, twist hairstyles look cute and trendy on black boys. Whether your little boy wants a twist out, sponge twisted hair or braids, there are many handsome twist styles for kids to choose from.

Twist Hair Boys

To get the best twist hair, ask your barber to cut a fade haircut on the sides and back. If your little boy has short hair, consider a thick sponge twist. For medium to long hair, get a braid twist or let the twists flow.

Little Boy Twist Hairstyles

How To Twist Hair For Men

To twist your hair, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is clean and a little damp. Make sure to add some hair product before you start so that you can capture moisture in the hair and be able to mold the coils.

How To Twist Hair Men

Section your hair however you like, whether in triangles or the traditional box pattern. You need to determine how thick you want the twists to be. This is determined by the size of the section.

How To Twist Men's Hair

A larger section means the hair will be thicker, a smaller one will result in a tighter, more detailed appearance. When styling the look make sure you have even sections, so some coils are not smaller than others.

How To Twist Short Hair Men

Go through the entire head until you finish. Wait until the hair is completely dried and then spray with hairspray before unraveling it. To style, pull and tug the hair into the look you are going for.