Fuckboy haircuts continue to be some of the best haircuts for men to get. As the perfect blend of modern, clean, and trendy, fuckboy hair comes in all lengths and works with many different hair types. Also known as “fuckboi” or “f boy”, there are short, medium and long fuckboy hairstyles; although the most popular cuts and styles pair short sides with long hair on top.

Despite the negative “player” reputation, fuckboy hairstyles are cool and hot, and women generally love the look. Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, straight, or anything in between, a fuckboy haircut can complement your face and offer an easy boost to your personal style.

With so many ways to style fuckboy hair, it’s important to pick a good look for you. Between the taper fade, undercut, comb over, faux hawk, quiff, pompadour, and slick back, we’ll cover the best f boy haircut styles to try. From modern to classic looks, these excellent guy’s hairstyles have stood the test of time.

Fuckboy Haircuts

Best Fuckboy Haircuts

Here are the best fuckboy haircut styles to ask your barber for!

Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut remains one of the most popular haircuts for men. A taper fade is when barbers blend and cut hair shorter down the sides and back of the head. By creating plenty of contrast around the sides, fades naturally highlight the hairstyle you have on top. And because the best fade styles are versatile, they work well with many different types of men’s hairstyles, cuts, and textures.

Fuckboy Haircut - Fade Hairstyles For Men

When you ask your barber for a fade, you will have to choose between a high, mid and low fade. This will determine where on the side of the head the tapering process will begin. Similarly, guys can pick between a taper fade or bald fade to decide how quickly and aggressively the shortening happens.

Low Bald Fade + Short Spiky Hair

The low fade start just above the ears and neckline. It’s a trendy yet conservative trim, and a good business professional haircut. A high fade starts near the top of your head and quickly blends down for an clean finish. High fade cuts are generally edgy, distinct and usually paired with a skin fade.

Fuckboy Hair - Skin Fade Haircuts For Men

Whereas the bald fade blends hair down to bare skin, the taper fade cuts from short to very short hair without shaving it.

Fuckboy Haircut - High Fade

Between the mid fade, temp fade, drop fade, and taper fade haircuts, there are several different kinds of fades to choose from. Paired with a thick groomed beard or sexy stubble and you have the ideal fuckboy look.

Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut is a barbershop favorite and looks good with a number of cool men’s hairstyles. As the base for some of the top hair trends for guys, you can’t go wrong getting an undercut hairstyle.

Fuckboy Hairstyle - Comb Over Undercut

Rather than the blending of a fade, the undercut is cut one-length around the sides and back, still emphasizing the medium to long hair on top. Further, the undercut haircut is a great fit for all hair types, especially thick, straight hair – but is versatile enough to complement thin, curly, textured, wavy, and all other types.

Fuckboy Haircuts - Cool Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Some popular spins on this haircut include the disconnected undercut, slicked back undercut, comb over, and fringe styles. You can use the “short sides, long top” men’s hair trend to build countless cool hairstyles like the quiff, pompadour, faux hawk, side part, and textured crop.

Fuckboy Mohawk Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut can help accentuate volume, flow, style, and face shape. Lastly, guys looking for a very masculine look can couple their undercut with different beard styles.

Comb Over Haircut

The comb over is a defining classic hairstyle for men and arguably the original fuckboy look. Though it was once associated with balding men attempting to cover thinning hair, the modern comb over haircut has become one of the top styles of recent years. Specifically, the comb over fade offers many short and long variations that guys can try.

Fuckboy Hairstyle - Long Comb Over + Mid Bald Fade

The comb over can be styled in many different ways, including a shiny or textured finish. For the classic comb over, use a strong-hold, high-shine pomade. However, we recommend applying a matte pomade or low shine wax to create a more natural styling.

Fuckboy Haircut - Comb Over

Moreover, the comb over can be styled neatly with a defined hard side part, or more naturally and loose.

Fuckboy Hair - Comb Over Fade + Hard Part

Whether you want the classic or modern version, the comb over hairstyle offers limitless options. You can get it with a fade or undercut on the sides, with a hard part shaved into your hair, and add a thick beard for a rugged look.

Long Comb Over + Hard Part + Fade

Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff is casual, voluminous and sexy – the perfect cut for fuckboy hair. The modern textured quiff haircut is a very popular style for young men.

Fuckboy Haircuts - Messy Textured Quiff

With at least 3 – but ideally 4 to 6 – inches of hair on top, you can apply a wax, clay, or cream styling product while your hair is damp, brush your hair back, and blow dry it. This will lift your hair and create long-lasting volume.

Fuckboy Haircuts For Men - Quiff Hairstyle with Low Bald Fade

While the process requires some maintenance, the end result is both stylish, natural and hot. Guys with thick hair should absolutely try this style because women adore it.

Modern Quiff Haircut + Hard Part + Line Up + Low Bald Fade

To pull it off, tell your barber you want a fade or undercut on the sides for a high-contrast look that will highlight the styling on top. There are several variations of the quiff you can do. From short to long and messy to neat, the quiff is an awesome way to create an elegant, effortless look with volume.

Slicked Back Hair

Slick back hairstyles embody the bad boy look while maintaining a sleek and attractive style. Slicked back hair is generally easy to get and simple to style – just apply a strong pomade and brush your hair straight back.

Fuckboy Hair - Slicked Back Undercut

Guys can use a fade or undercut to create a fresh short sides, long top hairstyle. The extra length and volume on top means men can also style a comb over, quiff, or textured brush up.

Fuckboy Hairstyles - Slicked Back Fade

To change up the style, use hair wax or cream for a natural finish that allows for volume, movement and flow. Ultimately, the slicked back look is as business professional as it is retro and smooth.

Fuckboy Hairstyle - Thick Textured Brushed Back Hairstyle + Fade + Beard

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk is another edgy and outgoing hairstyle that combines a mohawk and spiky hair. Requiring just 2 or 3 inches of hair but versatile enough for longer hair, faux hawk haircuts are simple, doable and offer a defining masculine look.

Fuck Boy Hairstyles - Faux Hawk Fade

The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk or “fake hawk”, is a less dramatic and more flexible version of the mohawk haircut. Accompanied with a burst fade, taper fade, or shaved sides, the hair on top can be spiked, textured, and brushed in any desirable way. Guys can also decide how wide or narrow they want the hawk in the middle.

Fuckboy Fohawk Fade Haircut

Longer hair provides for more styling options, but the key to any good fohawk fade is achieving the appropriate amount of hold. You can do this with any strong pomade or hair that will keep your hair spiked and up all day.

Fuckboy Hairstyles - Wavy Faux Hawk Haircut

Best Hair Styling Products For Men

Styling the coolest fuckboy hairstyles requires the best hair products for men. With so many styling products on the market, it’s important to pick a good pomade, wax, cream, or clay depending on your needs. Some factors to keep in mind include your hair type, desired hairstyle, hold, shine, and scent.

Here are the top men’s hair products from the best brands:

Many fuckboy hairstyles are versatile, so you can select an equally well-rounded styling product for multiple different haircut styles. For example, guys who prefer slick hairstyles may require a high-shine, medium hold pomade. Men with wavy hair who want a beachy, textured quiff may get a wax or clay. A blow dryer is always handy as well.

Get Cool Fuckboy Hairstyles

The fuckboy has his perceptions and connotations, but his haircuts and style is undeniably cool, modern and confident. Whether you fit the title or not, we recommend these stylish haircuts for any man looking to optimize his haircut and overall aesthetic.

For more men’s haircut styles and ideas, check out our list of the top hairstyles for men.