Family tattoos are among the most requested types of body art. In fact, these kinds of tattoos are most popular with men because they can symbolize close relationships with family members. For example, tattoos and symbols that represent family can commemorate the birth of a child, signify an important anniversary, or even serve to remember the death of a loved one.

Some of the best family tattoo designs use the quotes “Family First”, “Family Is Forever”, and “Family Over Everything” while others imprint names, footsteps, parents holding hands with their kids, or a family tree. Another favorite is getting your children’s names tattooed on your chest, near your heart.

Similarly, the forearm, arm, hand and wrist are very visible placements that will showcase your dedication. Guys can also customize their artwork and add hearts, flowers, a lion pride, hand-prints, tribal drawings, an anchor, or a compass. Exceptionally talented artists can even recreate lifelike portraits.

Family Tattoos

Ultimately, there are dozens of family tattoo ideas, each one representing a different message that symbolizes respect, love, unity, loyalty, strength and sacrifice. The most meaningful family tattoos are special and significant to you because their meaning is sentimental, sweet, and unique.

Below, we’ve put together a variety of cool family tattoos for guys. Whether you’re looking to get a family sleeve, chest, arm, forearm, wrist, hand, or back tattoo, here are the top 101 best family tattoos to get.

Family Tattoos For Men

Best Family Tattoo Ideas

There are numerous types of family tattoos, and while some are quite common, others can be almost completely unique. Because of the profound meaning of a family tattoo, it’s important to invest time and energy making it perfect. And although popular family tattoo designs often include quotes and names, men have the opportunity to honor their loved ones in a special way.

Best Family Tattoo Ideas

Family Tree Tattoos

A family tree tattoo gives guys a meaningful and sentimental way of honoring their ancestors. From your grandparents to your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and children, a family tree tattoo with names is the perfect way to remember past and present members, pay tribute, and show unconditional love.

Family Tree Tattoo

Usually, family tree tattoos are comprised of a tree and names, but you can always opt to add in more or less detail depending on where you want the ink. For example, a small and simple version can include initials or just the birth dates of your relatives.

Family Tree Tattoo Ideas With Names

Family Quote Tattoos

While most family quote tattoos focus on phrases like “Family First”, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”, “Family Is Forever”, “Family Over Everything”, “Daddy’s Little Pistol” and “The Light of My Life”, some guys choose to ink famous sayings, Bible passages or lengthy messages.

Family Is Forever Tattoo

At its core, a quote tattoo is meant to convey a life philosophy – a belief system relating to how you want to live your life. Even a simple quote about family can symbolize your devotion, commitment, and faithfulness to beloved members.

Family First Tattoo

Family Over Everything Tattoo

Family Name Tattoos

Family name tattoos are timeless and fashionable, and designs can range significantly depending on how simple or complex you’d like the artwork. For instance, many guys love the last name tattoo on their back.

Last Name Tattoo on Back

Some have a strong preference for men’s tattoos with family names in them, allowing your artist to incorporate additional meaningful images into your body art. With countless name tattoo ideas, you can integrate your family’s names into any type of ink.

Family Name Tattoos

Family Heart Tattoos

Family heart tattoos can epitomize love. As the universal symbol of love, compassion and life, a heart-themed design is a simple and easy way to celebrate family. Likewise, guys can get a 3D or biomechanical heart tattoo on their chest with the names of their family members engraved.

Family Heart Tattoos

Where To Get Family Tattoos

Part of choosing a family tattoo is deciding where to get it, and this depends on a number of factors such as size, shape, color, and styling. A short word tattoo like “Family” can be easily inked anywhere, no matter how large or small you prefer.

Cool Family Tattoos

If your goal involves adding several family members’ names to a single tattoo, you should ensure that you have enough space on your body to do so. Family forearm tattoos are great for small and simple ideas like a short quote or tiny heart with your wife and kid’s names. Similarly, you can opt for an infinity symbol on your wrist, hand or finger.

Family Forearm Tattoo

On the other hand, if you want an ancestral tree inked on your body, or a design that requires a large canvas, we’d suggest a chest tattoo. The “Family First” and “Family Over Everything” chest tattoos tend to be very popular picks, along with names, baby footsteps, roses, and tribal drawings.

Family Chest Tattoo

Another consideration is whether you will add to your tattoo in the future. Getting a family tattoo after your first child is born can be a wonderful idea, but if you need to add the dates, names or hand prints of future children later down the road, you should choose a location that provides enough space to do just that.

Family Tattoos on Arm

Almost any area of the body will suffice, but most men will pick areas like their arm and sleeve for maximum visibility. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you get a family tattoo sleeve. Whether you want a full or half sleeve is up to you, but any tattoo on the arm will always remind you of the importance of family.

Family Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Family Tattoo Designs For Guys

If you’re interested in checking out more of the top men’s tattoos, see our favorite pictures below. Just remember that there are lots of different symbols that represent family, so focus on finding things that have a special meaning to you and making the design unique to your family.

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