Dreadlocks are one of the most popular and best hairstyles for black men. Modern and cool, dreads can be worn short or long, with a taper fade or undercut on the sides and back, and styled loose and flowing or tight and up top. Whether you want faded, braided, mohawk, or high top dreads, there are so many dreadlock hairstyles for men to choose from. To inspire your next haircut, check out the best dread styles for guys to get right now!

Dreadlocks Styles

Best Dread Hairstyles For Men

Most guys style dreads with a fade because the short sides and back make the style low-maintenance, easy, and fresh. However, dread hairstyles are incredibly versatile and fashionable. Short dread styles can be simpler to work with and are often left loose and messy.

Dreads Hairstyles For Men

Other men with locs prefer medium to longer hair that is left flowing. If you’re thinking about the different types of dreadlocks, here are trendy ideas and examples all black men will appreciate!

Fade with Dreads

Pair your dreads with a fade to take your hairstyle to the next level. A taper fade with dreadlocks gives guys plenty of options, such as which type of fade to get and how short or long they want their locs to be.

Dreads with Fade

A high fade on the sides with dreads on top can look edgy and modern. The low fade can be a more clean-cut haircut for professional black men. A temp fade or mid taper may just be the perfect balance between bold and classy. Ask your barber for a bald or drop fade for a unique finish.

Taper Fade with Dreads

Great all around, faded dreads even offer different styling options. Black men can pair long and short dreads with a fade for a cool, handsome look. For an extra masculine style, grow a full beard and get a line up for sharp, crisp lines along the hairline.

Dreadlocks Fade

Ultimately, dreadlocks on top with a fade haircut all around the sides and back makes for an universally stylish hairstyle for black guys.

Long Dreads with Fade Haircut

High Top Dreads

High top dreads are a favorite for guys who want short hair and a fade haircut. A high top fade with dreads is a clean, sleek hairstyle where the strands are left loose and messy on the top of the head.

High Top Dreads

Effortless and flowing, high top dreadlocks with a fade make the style low-maintenance and easy to get. While high top locs are usually accompanied by short dreads, the look can work well for medium to long dreads as well.

High Top Fade Dreads

Simply tie up your dreadlocks to create a ponytail or even get your hair braided for a trendy finish. You can add a little funk to this styling by dying the tips, combining it with a line up or hair design with intricate styling.

Long Hair High Top Dreadlocks

Dread Mohawk

The dread mohawk is a modern and edgy variation of the style. By combining cool dreads with a mohawk fade to create a unique look, the fresh dread mohawk fade is the latest fashionable hairstyle for men. The key to a mohawk with dreadlocks is the taper fade, undercut or shaved sides.

Mohawk Dreads

While the look is generally considered a short sides, long top haircut, the styling does accommodate short, medium and long dreads. Leave your short hair on top messy and loose, or pull your longer dreaded hair into a ponytail.

Dreadlock Mohawk

For even more flair, push the dreads forward for a ponytail that sit on top of your head or falls across your forehead. For a bold masculine finish, ask your barber for hair designs shaved into the sides.

Dread Mohawk Fade

Versatile and refreshing, mohawk dread styles will always be hot and popular.

Undercut Dreadlocks

To accentuate your hairstyle, try pairing dreadlocks with an undercut. The undercut creates short hair on the sides, cut to an uniform length all around. Stylish and handsome, undercut dreads are one of the best dread styles for guys right now.

Undercut Dreads

Short dreads on top keep the look classic and tight while pairing the cut with longer hair can be fashionable and chill. Especially with black hair, this look offers a unique texture on the sides and back that’s sexy and soft.

Dreadlocks Undercut

Short Dreads

Short dread styles are the most popular version of the look. While most guys envision long dreadlocks, short dreads are more versatile and classy to wear everyday.

Short Dreads

Short hair dread hairstyles for men start with an undercut or taper fade haircut on the sides. A short cut makes the look low-maintenance and easy to style. Just leave your locs messy and spiked, or use some product and pull strands into place for a neater finish.

Short Dread Styles For Men

If you keep the dreads tight, the look will appear more polished and refined, while keeping the locs loose with give you more of an effortless feel. Short dreads also work well with heavy stubble or a trimmed, thick beard.

Short Dreads with Fade

With so many styling options, it’s no wonder men really love short dreadlocks.

Long Dreads

Long dreads offer the most classic styles. However, the modern version is much different than the traditional flowing long dreadlocks. These days, most men get long dreads with a fade on the sides.

Long Dreadlocks

Long dread hairstyles also allow for flexibility in styling. Depending on how long you want to keep your locs, guys can wear a high top with long dreads.

Long Dreadlocks with Fade

On the flip side, if you want really long strands like American rapper Offset, your best bet is to leave the hair naturally flowing, pulled into a ponytail, or pushed to the side for an asymmetric side part.

Long Dread Styles For Men

Coupled with a beard, the final look is a stylish mix of bold and sleek.

Trendy Loc Styles

Trendy loc styles are all about clean fades and chic styling. While some dreadlocks are effortless and casual-looking, black men who are business professionals may want a more sophisticated hairstyle.

Short Loc Styles

Whether you ask your barber for a fade, undercut, or shaved sides, there are creative ways to wear long, medium and short locs for a clean-cut finish. In the end, cool dreads offer a balance of classic style with modern flair for an universally-flattering look.

Loc Styles For Men

Temp Fade with Dreads

A temp fade with dreads is a barbershop favorite all over the world. Also known as a temple fade, this type of taper fade haircut starts high and looks sharp with any hairstyle. You can keep your dreadlocks short, medium-length, thick or thin on top, and style them naturally for a simple look.

Temp Fade with Dreads

Dreads with Taper

Guys who want a classy clean hairstyle will want to get dreads with a taper. A short tapered haircut on the sides and back is a professional look that will never go out of style. The buzzed taper cut will show off the dreadlocks on top while keeping the trim fresh.

Dreads with Taper

Bro Flow Dreads

Those looking for a more relaxed and effortless may want to consider bro flow dreadlocks. Long and flowing dreads are swept away from the face and cut to shoulder length. For this Bohemian dread hairstyle, you’ll want your dreads to be loose and large. The casual look can be left to flow or pulled back and tied up in a ponytail.

Bro Flow Dreads

Braided Dreads

Braided dread styles have continued to be a strong trend in men’s hair. Dreaded braids add personality and edge to an already stylish look. Dread braids also work best with thin dreads, similar to the ones Travis Scott or ASAP Rocky wears, but the styling can be applied to thick dreads as well.

Braided Dreads

For starters, you’ll need to decide on the type of braids you want. From cornrows to box braids, there are a number of good choices. Guys can even get a fade on the sides and back, and only braid the hair on top.

Braided Dreads Styles Men

Furthermore, you can go for a semi-formal appearance by maintaining long dreaded hair and only braiding half of your head. With limitless ideas, talk to your barber about the coolest styles for men that would look good on you.

Short Dreads Braided Styles For Men

Grey Dreadlocks

Grey dreadlocks demonstrate how this unique hairstyle works well for guys of any age. As a growing trend, silver foxes can sport masculine grey hairstyles and still look good as they get older.

Grey Dreadlocks

This look is all about embracing your age and saying no to hair dye by letting your natural color shine. Grey dreads can be worn long or short, but the key is to let your hair be natural. You can pair the style with a groomed beard for a manly touch.

Grey Dreads Styles

Dyed Dreads

Dyed dreads bring in the potential for guys to leverage coloring trends. The best hair color ideas for men depend on your personal style. Fortunately, dyed dreadlock styles look particularly stylish with blonde, white, red, and a mix of other hair dyes.

Dyed Dreads Men

When experimenting with dyed hair dreads, be sure to protect your scalp and strands from damage. Bleaching can be harmful without the proper hair care routine.

Dyed Dreads Fade Styles For Men

When dying your dreadlocks, use oils, quality shampoos, and powerful conditioners to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.

Dreads on Top

Dreads on top of the head can be styled messy, loose and free, pulled back and tied up, or any way you want. Top dreadlocks also stand out more in any crowd, giving you volume and height.

Dreads on Top

If you want a bold style or just have a round face you want to elongate, try styling your dreads on top.

Fade with Dreads on Top of Head

Side Part Dreads

Side dreads give guys another cool way to wear this hairstyle. Daring and hot, dreads to the side can be a great idea if you want to change-up your look.

Side Dreads

Men can complement the styling with tapered hair on the sides and back. Then push your locs or simply tied up your ponytail on a side to create the dread style you desire.

Side Part Dreads

Dreadlocks with Beard

Dreads and beards naturally go together. Almost all dreadlock styles can be enhanced by a masculine, well-kept beard. From stubble to short facial hair to long beard styles, your locs will look better with a beard.

Long Thin Dreads with Full Beard

Dreads For Boys

Cute and trendy, dreads for boys are inspired by the same styles as men. In fact, dreadlocks hairstyles for little boys can look even better, especially when the hair is cut and styled to look smooth, soft and textured.

Dreads For Boys

Explore all these cool hairstyles for black boys, starting with a mix of braided hair and dreads, for an adorable style he will love.

Different Types of Dreads

With so many different types of dreadlocks for guys to get, which kind you pick depends on the style you want to achieve. Dreads can be small or large, short or long, natural or synthetic, braided or twisted, and everything in between. The size, length and haircut you choose will determine the dreadlock styles you can pull off.

Different Types of Dreadlocks For Men

Lastly, how men style their dreads comes down to personal preference. If you have long dreadlocks, all you need is a hair band or tie to hold the locs back. If you like to style dreads with faded sides, you’ll need to regularly visit the barbershop to get cuts.

Best Types of Dreads

Regardless of length, size, quantity, texture or haircut, there are dreadlock styles worth trying.

Types of Dreadlocks For Guys