Curly Hair Fade

The Curly Hair Fade Haircut

The curly hair fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men with curly hair. Guys with curls understand that cutting and styling curly hair can be a challenge. Fortunately, the taper fade is a short cut that’s easy to get and makes curls easier to work with and style. Plus, the curly fade comes in many variations since there are several different types of fades.

For starters, you can pick a high, mid or low fade with curly hair on top. Other options include a bald, skin, drop, temple or high top fade. Versatile and trendy, faded sides look good with long and short curly hair as well. To help you find cool fade haircut styles for your hair type, here are the best curly fade hairstyles!

Curly Hair Fade

Best Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

Curly hair fade haircuts are classy, professional, and flattering. While you may have to work at styling the best curly hairstyles, the truth is that your curls allow you to achieve unique styles other guys can’t pull off.

Curly Fade

In fact, there are plenty of men who are making their straight hair curly just to take advantage of this fashionable texture.

Curly Hair Top Fade Haircut

Ultimately, if you’re tired of your unruly and hard-to-manage hair type, then a taper fade haircut on the sides and back can simplify your morning routine.

Curly Hair Fade Haircut

Although good hair products for curly hair men can make a difference, the curly taper fade can take your style to the next level.

Taper Fade with Curly Hair on Top

Check out these sexy curly hairstyles for men to find the best ways to style your curls.

Best Curly Hair Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

Curly Hair Taper Fade

The curly hair taper fade features short hair on the sides and back that gradually blends from short to shorter.

Curly Hair Taper Fade

Sleek and clean cut, a curly taper fade haircut is perfect if you want the attention focused on your curls.

Curly Hair Taper

Men will have the option of choosing between a low, medium, or high taper fade. But no matter what type of taper you pick, all of these cuts will complement a short, medium or long hairstyle.

Curly Hair on Top with Fade Haircut on the Sides

This flexible styling is what makes the taper fade haircut ideal for curly hair.

Curly Taper Fade

Low Fade with Curly Hair

Low fade curly hair may be the right cut for a gentleman who prefers a classic, professional hairstyle that he can wear anywhere.

Low Fade Haircut with Curly Hair on Top

A low fade with curls starts just above the ears and tapers up to create neatly trimmed sides.

Curly Hair Low Fade

The curly hair on top should be kept short to medium length. Use a strong pomade to tame and shape short curls, while a light hold cream is better for thick medium to longer hair.

Low Fade Curly Hair

Mid Fade with Curly Hair

Mid fade curly hair offers more contrast for a bold finish. The mid fade haircut starts in the middle of the sides and back, allowing for a happy medium between low and high.

Mid Fade with Curly Hair on Top

Better-suited for professional businessmen who want a very short cut, but don’t want to expose too much scalp.

Mid Fade Curly Hair

High Fade with Curly Hair

High fade curly hair provides an edgy and effortlessly cool hairstyle. A high fade with curls accentuates the hair on top, allowing you to style a long fringe that hangs over the forehead or a thick but loose messy look.

High Fade Curly Hair

If you want a badass short curly haircut, ask your barber for a high bald taper fade. You may like the bad-boy image that comes with this trim.

High Fade wtih Curls

Bald Fade with Curly Hair

Bald fade curly hair tapers into the skin for a very short cut on the sides and back. Masculine and modern with a touch of flair, a bald fade with curls allows guys to trim their curly hair short or leave some length.

Bald Fade Curly Hair

The extreme contrast really emphasizes the styled hair on top, so minimize the frizz with a styling cream and think about boosting volume.

Bald Fade with Curls

Skin Fade with Curls

A skin fade with curly hair is effectively the same style as above. The skin fade haircut has been a strong men’s hair trend in recent years, and the cut lends itself beautifully to curls.

Skin Fade Curly Hair

If you have black curly hair, the skin fade can control your wavy, coily, and kinky hair with ease.

Curly Kinky Hair with High Bald Fade

Drop Fade Curly Hair

A drop fade with curly hair makes for an excellent barbershop haircut. The drop fade curves around the ears and down the neckline for a unique finish.

Drop Fade Curly Hair

As a great way to define natural curls with a new style, definitely experiment with a curly hair drop fade.

Curly Hair with Drop Fade Haircut

Curly High Top Fade

The curly high top fade is one of the best black men’s haircuts right now. This is because the high top fade works nicely with curly black hair and really stands out.

Curly High Top Fade

From kinky twists to tight curls to a curly Afro, a high top fade gets you shape and style that symbolized the golden age of hip hop.

Curly Hair High Top Fade Haircut

Curly Hair Temp Fade

The temp fade, also known as the temple fade, looks great with curly hair. Traditionally a haircut for black men, the curly temp fade starts around the temples and tapers down.

Curly Hair Temp Fade

The cut is often paired with short curls and a shape up along the hairline to create sharp, crisp lines.

Curly Temp Fade Haircut

For a fresh black men’s hairstyle, ask your barber for a temp fade with your curly hair. Style your curls naturally thick, or tighten the look for a neat finish.

Curly Hair Temple Fade

Long Curly Hair Fade

A long curly hair fade can offer bounce and volume for a very sexy men’s hairstyle. The long curly fade looks best with very short hair on the sides and back coupled with medium to longer hair on top.

Long Curly Hair Fade

Consider letting your long curls fall over your forehead to create a fringe or leave the look messy all over for a fuller finish. For guys with really long curly hair, you can pull your hair back into a man bun or let the waves flow freely.

Long Curly Fade Haircut

The taper faded sides accentuate the styling, so use a good sea salt spray and curl-enhancing cream to stop frizz and keep the look all day without crimping your style.

Long Curly Hair Taper Fade Haircuts

Short Curly Hair Fade

A short curly hair fade is the easiest way to control and style unruly curls. To maximize contrast with short curls, you’ll want a mid or high skin fade.

Short Curly Hair Fade

Nevertheless, short curly hairstyles come with their own struggles; you’ll need a strong styling product to keep your hair styled properly.

Short Curly Hair Taper Fade Haircut

Curly Hair with Edge Up

The edge up, also known as a line up or shape up, is a stylish trim guys can add to any men’s cut. A curly hair edge up starts with your barber cleaning up your hairline along the forehead and temples. Cut with a trimmer, the sharp crisp lines look defined and fresh.

Curly Hair with Line Up Fade

While the line up or shape up is generally a cool haircut for black hair, all guys can use the trimmed cut with their fade. Talk to your barber about this chiseled style on your next visit to the barbershop.

Curly Hair Edge Up

Curly Blowout Taper Fade

Guys with curly hair are loving the blowout taper fade. Modern and chic, a curly hair blowout requires you to brush your hair back to enhance volume and flow.

Curly Hair Blowout Fade

The blowout hairstyle is particularly nice if you have thick curls and want to keep longer hair.

Curly Blowout Taper Fade Haircut

For more haircut ideas, check out these cool hairstyles for curly hair men!