Cross tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for guys. Easily inked by a skilled artist, cool cross tattoos for men are timeless, bold and meaningful. Not only does a Christian cross tattoo have religious and cultural significance, but the best artwork looks awesome on any body part. From a cross tattoo on the chest, arm, shoulder, back, sleeve, hand, or neck, guys can get a beautiful religious tattoo anywhere. In fact, you can even get a tiny cross tattoo inked on your finger or wrist.

But with so many different cross tattoo ideas, such as the crucifix, Celtic cross, Maltese, tribal, cross with wings, and the variety of color schemes (black vs colorful) you can ask for, it’s vital that you find the right, unique look for you before visiting an artist. Check out our gallery of the top 101 best cross tattoos for designs and inspiration.

Cross Tattoos For Men

Types of Cross Tattoos

Some Christian cross tattoos have religious connotations, but many have secular followings and meanings. While lots of Catholic men focus on the biblical “Jesus on the Cross” tattoo as a symbol of sacrifice, it is important to be creative and unleash your imagination with an elaborate, illustrative idea.

Whether it’s your first tattoo or not, surveying pictures of different cross drawings is key to finding what best conveys and expresses yourself. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a badass half or full sleeve!

Christian Cross Tattoos

The Christian cross is connected with religiosity and belief, but is appreciated for its striking aesthetics. It symbolizes Jesus Christ, God, Christianity, faith, strength and triumph, and can be decorated with roses, a rosary, Bible quotes, wings, or the image of Jesus Christ.

Religious Christian Cross Tattoos

Common in black and grey, a cross tattoo can also be colorful and vivid when combined with a rose or angel wings.

Christian Cross Tattoos For Guys

Celtic Cross Tattoos

The Celtic cross is the most intricate of the cross designs. Also known as the Irish cross, it is a symbol of Celtic faith, and represents unity, hope, and balance. Some interpretations have the cross composed out of loops and knots as they represent the connection between the physical, spiritual and the circle of life.

Celtic Cross Tattoos For Guys

Celtic cross tattoos are generally very symbolic and used for the remembrance of lost loved ones. They look nice in black, gold, green, and red.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Maltese Cross Tattoos

The Maltese cross may look familiar to you. Signifying courage and sacrifice, the arms of the cross are symmetrical and sword-like. This cross tattoo is often sported by military members, soldiers, fireman, police officers, and other public servants.

Maltese Cross Tattoos

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal cross tattoos offer a cool way to customize your artwork. By combining a cross and tribal design, guys can create a sprawling image that will fit nicely on the back or chest.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Where To Get Cross Tattoos

The cross tattoo can be carried on most parts of the body and depends on what style and size you’re gunning for. The middle of the upper back, chest, upper arms, and lower leg are typical spots for guys as they provide larger canvases for an artist. The crucifix, Celtic cross or cross with angel wings looks especially awesome on your back or chest if you’re muscular.

Beautiful Cross Tattoos For Guys

For the hand, wrist, or finger, we’d recommend a small, simple cross tattoo.

Small Cross Tattoos

Furthermore, the forearm or arm makes a great canvas for decorated cross tattoo sleeves that sprawl up the bicep and shoulder. You can pair a crucifix with angels, warriors, a rosary, and maybe a tribute to family.

Family Cross Tattoo

Ultimately, the cross is one of the best tattoos for men. It can be loud or subtle, saturated or bold, on the chest or back, and can accommodate the coolest design ideas. It’s what you want it to be.

Cool Cross Tattoo Ideas

No matter what your reason for getting inked, here are best cross tattoos to get.

Crucifix Tattoo

Cool Christian Tattoos For Men

American Flag Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Chest

Forearm Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoo Designs For Guys

Cross Back Tattoo For Guys

Religious Christian Tattoo on Arm

Rosary Tattoo on Chest - Cool Christian Tattoos

Cross Tattoo on Shoulder

Cross with Rose Tattoo

Cross Tattoo on Neck

Cross Necklace Tattoo

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Small Religious Tattoos For Guys on Chest

Cross with Angel Wings Tattoo Design

3D Cross Tattoo on Arm

Cross and Crown Tattoo

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Catholic Cross Tattoos

Christian Cross Tattoos on Sleeve

Cool Cross Tattoo Design on Bicep

Jesus Christ Tattoo For Men

Best Cross Tattoo Designs For Men

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Badass Sleeve Tattoo with Cross in Eye

Soldier Cross Tattoo

Cross with Angel Wings Tattoo

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Cross and Rosary Tattoo on Forearm

Cool Religious Cross Tattoo on Chest

Cross Tattoo on Wrist

Cross with Angel

Cross with Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Cross with Wings Tattoo on Chest

Color Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross and Rose Tattoo with Wings

Big Cross Tattoo on Back

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Best Cross Tattoo Designs For Guys

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Rosary Tattoo on Finger

Traditional Christian Cross Tattoo

Unique Cross Tattoo Ideas

Cross Tattoos For Men on Chest

Cool Cross Tattoos For Men on Back

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Religious Christian Cross and Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Religious Christian Tattoos For Guys

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God Cross Tattoo

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