Cool tattoos come in many colors, shapes, styles and sizes. But the best tattoos for men require creativity and unique drawings. In fact, cool tattoo ideas offer a balance between a masculine look, meaningful message, and original artwork. Fortunately, there are an endless number of awesome tattoo designs that are both stylish and manly, helping you come up with your own really cool design ideas.

Whether you want a badass tattoo because it looks good on you or desire body art as a form of expression, this guide will help you explore the best cool tattoos for men. These great guy tattoos will truly inspire you with some stunning ideas.

Cool Tattoos

Cool Tattoo Ideas

With tattooing becoming mainstream in the last decade, deciding to get tattooed is no longer a controversial choice. Instead, it’s a great way to express your personality and collect beautiful art.

Cool Tattoo Ideas

However, once you’ve decided to get inked or determined you want a new tattoo, the tough part is choosing the right tattoo for you.

Cool Tattoos For Men

With so many cool tattoo ideas for men, it can be a challenge picking where to get tattooed on your body and which images you want to look at for the rest of your life.

Cool Tattoo Designs

Some guys want to honor family members, while others simply want the best-looking tattoo ever.

Meaningful Tattoos For Men

Ultimately, not every piece needs a deeper meaning; sometimes, it’s just fun to enjoy a nice image.

Really Cool Tattoos

When considering different cool tattoo designs, dudes often imagine scary or intimidating imagery as symbols of masculinity.

Cool Guy Tattoos

These ideas include demon, lion, wolf, tiger, dragon, warrior, military, Viking, tribal band, and skull tattoos.

Best Tattoos For Men

Although these are all good ideas with the right designs, colors and styling, there are several types of sick tattoos to consider.

Cool Tattoo Ideas For Men

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a gallery of really cool tattoos for guys to help you choose good artwork. Discover the best design ideas to get you started.

Cool Tattoos For Guys

Small Tattoo

Small tattoos are easy to hide, so if you need your tattoo to be discreet and covered up, a small design is a great option. But a small tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean inferior, and tiny drawings can be incredibly detailed if you have a skilled artist.

Small Tattoos

There are thousands of cool small tattoo designs for you to choose from that are packed full of meaning and created with unique artwork.

Small Tattoo Designs

Simple Tattoo

Simple tattoos can be trendy and fashionable. Plus, a minimal design forces you to be creative when conveying a bold message with basic symbols.

Simple Tattoo Ideas

Modern and timeless, simple tattoo ideas look best in black and grey. Plus, you can fit these cool concepts almost anywhere.

Cool Simple Tattoos

Cross Tattoo

Crucifix and cross tattoos are a classic design choice for religious Christians. Symbolizing Christianity, Jesus, love, faith and your piety, these designs are incredibly meaningful and iconic.

Cross Tattoos

Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are one of the most popular designs around. With a range of meanings, from death to mortality, rebellion, and rebirth, the skull is an image that can be incorporated into any concept.

Skull Tattoos

Whether you want a realistic skull, a full on anatomically-correct skeleton, or a stylized Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sugar skull, a cool skull tattoo is a timeless choice.

Skull Tattoo Designs

Dragon Tattoo

Hailing back to traditional Japanese designs, dragon tattoos offer a classic look with deep cultural meanings.

Dragon Tattoos

As symbols of power, strength, wisdom and protection, you can’t go wrong with cool dragon tattoo designs.

Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoo

If you want ink that symbolizes strength, royalty, courage, and family, a lion tattoo is a favorite.

Lion Tattoos

Not only are lions beautiful creatures that look awesome tattooed on your chest, shoulder or forearm, the king of the jungle can be a constant reminder of your strength and perseverance.

Lion Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo

Symbolizing rebirth, transformation, and potential, the phoenix is a mythical creature with a deep meaning. Phoenix tattoos are popular among men who have experienced loss or gone through hardship only to emerge stronger than ever.

Phoenix Tattoos

A phoenix rising from the ashes tattoo may be the perfect way to commemorate your journey and new beginning.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Quote Tattoo

A quote tattoo is a cool way to represent your beliefs and personal philosophy without relying on imagery and symbolism. A quote can be simple, profound, and look nice with artistic styling.

Quote Tattoos

Just be sure to check the spelling, meaning and translation to avoid typos and embarrassment later.

Quote Tattoo Ideas

Family Tattoo

One of the best ways to honor your family is with a tattoo. Whether you want to get their names, birthdays, portraits, or something more abstract, commemorating your love and appreciation with a family tattoo would look good on any guy.

Family Tattoos

Star Tattoo

Stars have been a popular tattoo design for many years and can look stylish and masculine when styled properly. Similarly, guys can use star tattoos to fill in gaps in a large collage of images.

Star Tattoos

Angel Tattoo

If you’ve lost someone special, an angel tattoo is a beautiful way to commemorate their life. Angel tattoos represent protection, guidance, love, rebirth and religion, particularly if you choose a Guardian Angel design.

Guardian Angel Tattoos

Angels can symbolize Christian beliefs or be a poignant way to show devotion and remembrance for those you’ve lost.

Angel Tattoo Designs

Owl Tattoo

Owls represent wisdom and intuition, and are often depicted as guardians. So whether you pride yourself on your intellectual prowess or you’d like a tattoo to remind you to be wary and wise, an owl tattoo is a great idea for guys.

Owl Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo

Representing freedom, strength, leadership and vision, the eagle is the most badass bird of prey. Manly and powerful, eagle tattoos look amazing on the chest, back or shoulder with vivid imagery.

Eagle Tattoos

Similarly, if you’re from the US, pairing an eagle with the American flag is a classic way to get a patriotic tattoo.

American Flag Eagle Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are versatile, simple, and trendy. Aside from the classic arrow through a heart representing love, arrows are often used to represent a good sense of direction and forward momentum.

Arrow Tattoos

Perfect for a first tattoo that will fit anywhere; try an arrow tattoo design to show you’re living your life without regrets.

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Name Tattoo

Name tattoos are the ultimate display of love, commitment, and loyalty. Often tattooed on the chest to remain close to your heart, name tattoo designs are extremely personal and romantic.

Name Tattoos

If you pick your girlfriend’s name, make the decision thoughtfully. A safer bet would be to honor family with a rose or wait till you get married to ink your wife’s name.

Mom Name Tattoo Designs

Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos, including hourglasses, sundials, and complex watches, often symbolize mortality and the passage of time.

Clock Tattoos

Often paired with a compass, map, and other artistic designs, clock tattoo ideas are meaningful and can inspire guys to appreciate life.

Clock Tattoo Ideas

Tree Tattoo

Trees are symbols of life, strength, nature, growth, and fresh starts. Because of this, many tree tattoos generally represent the “Tree of Life”.

Tree Tattoos

If you want a masculine tattoo of nature that represents your ability to withstand the obstacles of the world, a black and grey tree tattoo design might be right for you.

Cool Tree Tattoo Designs

Gemini Tattoo

The Gemini is an astrological sign represented by twins symbolizing the duality of nature. Gemini tattoos depict complexity or the ability of someone to have seemingly contradictory characteristics.

Gemini Tattoos

Use the Gemini zodiac sign as a design to show you’re multi-dimensional and unique.

Gemini Tattoo Designs

Cloud Tattoo

Clouds are whimsical and picturesque, making them cool tattoo ideas for men who want creative work that demonstrates their easy-going nature.

Cloud Tattoos

Cloud tattoos not only offer meaning, but are versatile enough to fit on any body part and get inked with any styling.

Cool Cloud Tattoo Designs

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus tattoos generally represent guys who are patient, loyal, hard-working, laid back, and humble. Additionally, this zodiac sign is represented by the bull, which indicates the power, conviction and passion behind these ideals.

Taurus Tattoos

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos represent family, loyalty, strength in numbers, and survival instincts. Wolves make for cool animal tattoo ideas.

Wolf Tattoos

Whether you identify as a lone wolf howling at the moon or consider yourself a loyal family man who’s the leader of your pack, wolf tattoo designs can represent your values in a timeless way.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Christian Tattoos

Similar to cross tattoos, Christian tattoos demonstrate a man’s commitment to God. As a way of literally wearing your faith on your sleeve, symbols of Christianity include praying hands, the crucifix, rosary, Jesus on the cross, angels, bible verses, etc.

Christian Tattoos

Christian tattoo designs can be a modern tribute to your deep religious beliefs.

Christian Tattoo Designs

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic tattoos are classic symbols in European culture, specifically Irish, Scottish, English, and Welch. The Celtic knot is a visually interesting design rich with many meanings.

Celtic Tattoos

The most common version is that life has no beginning or end, and the eternal connection between the spiritual and physical. Another popular Celtic tattoo design, the Claddagh represents love, friendship, and loyalty.

Celtic Tattoo Designs

Demon Tattoo

The demon tattoo represents rebellion, temptation, and mortality. However, at the most basic level, demon tattoo designs are scary and intimidating, which is why guys find them super cool to get inked on their back, chest, shoulder or arm.

Demon Tattoos

Music Tattoo

If you’re musically gifted, a music tattoo is a great way to illustrate your passion. Musical notes are a nice and simple touch if you want something small. Otherwise, you can pay tribute to your favorite artist, song or instrument with a larger piece.

Music Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos are often used to symbolize freedom, travel, and courage, so if you’re a keen adventurer or just value your personal freedom, a feather tattoo design might be perfect for you.

Feather Tattoos

Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos are powerful symbols of leadership, authority, and power. If you want a reminder of your inner strength, want to feel like a king, or would like the world to appreciate your supremacy, consider a crown tattoo design.

Crown Tattoos

King and Queen Tattoo

Matching king and queen tattoos are sweet for couples. Whether you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or any relationship where you want to share your love with the world, then look for the best king and queen tattoo designs.

King and Queen Tattoos

Samurai Warrior Tattoo

The Samurai were some of the bravest, most honorable warriors in history. Synonymous with loyalty, humility, courage, skill and honor, samurai warrior tattoos encourage men to strive for these ideals.

Samurai Warrior Tattoo

Norse God Tattoo

Norse Gods were the leaders of the Vikings. Rugged, masculine, strong and ruthless, tattoos of Norse Gods, Viking Warriors, and Nordic symbols pay homage and give men something to aspire to.

Norse God Tattoo

Where To Get A Tattoo

Once you’ve decided what tattoo design you want, the next step is to decide where to get your tattoo. If this is your first tattoo, you have plenty of canvas to choose from. But guys with multiple designs will have to think about how to incorporate new artwork on their body.

Where To Get A Tattoo

The following should serve as a guide to use when picking where to get a tattoo.

Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are one of the most popular choices for men. There are full and half sleeve tattoo ideas, and guys have the option of picking a sleeve design that covers the upper, lower, or full arm.

Sleeve Tattoos

Given the size and visibility, a cool sleeve tattoo can really look badass and enhance your image. Picking good artwork is really critical here, and it doesn’t hurt as much as other area of the body.

Cool Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Unfortunately, sleeves are expensive and require a long healing process due to the amount of skin involved. But the pain can be worth it with the right ink.

Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are very common because designs look really good placed here on any body type. Easily hidden and attractive, shoulder tattoo ideas can extend to the chest and back or down the arm.

Shoulder Tattoos

From discreet to loud, get a shoulder tattoo if you want something amazing that requires a large canvas.

Cool Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos look hot and flattering on most guys. Especially if you work out, have a toned chest, and want a badass look for when you’re shirtless, chest tattoo designs can be awesome.

Cool Chest Tattoos

From small and simple to detailed across both sides of the chest, over your heart is the ideal spot for something special.

Chest Tattoo Designs

Back Tattoo

Your back is the largest area of open skin on your body, making it the perfect location for a badass back tattoo. You can pick a lower, upper or full back tattoo and still hide it as a professional.

Back Tattoos

If you’re getting a new tattoo, start with a small to medium-sized design and build on it over time. Back tattoos are versatile enough to handle all types of unique ideas.

Back Tattoo Ideas

Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos offer another excellent blank canvas. Because the forearm is almost always visible and on-display, be careful about your design ideas. Nevertheless, the forearm can be the start of a stunning half or full sleeve arm tattoo.

Forearm Tattoos

If you don’t mind everyone seeing your ink, then we’re confident you’ll love getting tattooed on the lower arm.

Cool Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Leg Tattoo

Your legs are a relatively painless place to get tattooed, and an incredible leg tattoo can take advantage of this big open space. With a range of leg designs to choose from, cover your thigh and calf with nice artwork.

Leg Tattoos

Just be wary of the knee and parts of the skin because they can be particularly painful.

Badass Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are suitable for detailed work you want on your legs without having to sacrifice elements of the design to fit. You can pick from a single piece or multiple small to medium images.

Thigh Tattoos

Additionally, your thigh doesn’t typically see a lot of sun so your tattoo won’t fade due to sun damage like other parts of your body.

Cool Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Tattoo

For small, simple designs, your wrist is a great place for ink. It’s highly visible, so you’ll be able to see your tattoo whenever you look at your hands, but with a watch or long-sleeved shirt, even the coolest wrist designs can be easily covered.

Wrist Tattoos

Best-suited for meaningful or personal messages that share a life philosophy or inspiration, wrist tattoo designs make for fun first tattoos.

Best Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Arm Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your arm can be treated much the same as getting one on your leg. It’s a great spot with open space and the clothing you wear will dictate how much it shows.

Arm Tattoos

With arm tattoos, you have several options, including the upper and lower arm, inner bicep, triceps, outer arm, shoulder, and a variation of all the parts. The cool thing about starting an arm tattoo design is you can always add to it in the future.

Inner Arm Tattoos

What may start out as a beautiful tattoo idea for your arms can transform into an impressive sleeve.

Cool 3D Arm Tattoo Ideas

Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are all about small and simple designs. Getting tattooed around your ankle isn’t comfortable because the needle is going to hit plenty of bone.

Ankle Tattoos

However, tiny ankle tattoos can make bold statements and are worth it if you have a cool idea to share with the world.

Cool Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are among the most daring spots to get ink. Almost impossible to hide, guys need to be extremely committed to their hand tattoo designs. Furthermore, tattoos on the hands will need to be regularly touched up.

Hand Tattoo Ideas

With that said, sick ideas for your hands come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Get matching artwork on both hands or a small design on just one. The possibilities are limitless.

Hand Tattoos

Neck Tattoo

Much like your hand, neck tattoos are a big commitment to the tattooed life. It’s a painful spot and very visible, so be sure you know exactly what you want before getting inked.

Neck Tattoos

If you do want a neck tattoo, they can be excellent at chiseling out a jawline and showcasing your personality.

Neck Tattoo Designs

Face Tattoo

Despite their growing popularity, face tattoos are pretty extreme and shouldn’t be done unless you’re already heavily tattooed.

Face Tattoos

Even then, it’s always nice to have the option to hide your ink when necessary. But if you’re going all out, then face and head tattoo designs are the ultimate frontier.

Cool Head Tattoos

Ribs Tattoo

Rib tattoos are eye-catching and extraordinary, but can be a pretty painful spot to get tattooed.

Side Ribs Tattoo Ideas

With a cool design and clean work, the aesthetic for guys is certainly flattering and stylish.

Ribs Tattoos

Best Tattoos For Men

While you’ll always need to take care of your tattoo and the healing process can be a burden, the best tattoos are worth the long-term gratification of seeing your cool design ideas come to life.

Check out our massive collection of tattoo ideas for men to explore all the possibilities. From different designs on specific parts of the body to specific designs that can be placed anywhere, our gallery of drawings have got you covered from every angle.