Cool haircut designs for men offer a fun way to create a unique style. In fact, hair designs can take your undercut or fade haircut to the next level. And because there are so many skilled barbers cutting hair around the world, awesome new hair designs are constantly popping up. In fact, some of the best designs for guys are simple and easy to cut, such as hair lines.

Whether you’re looking for 2 or 3 lines on the side of your head, a hard part, hair tattoo, or star design, experimenting with designer haircuts can add something extra special to boy’s and men’s hair. Here are the best shaved head and fade haircut designs to try!

Cool Hair Designs For Guys

Cool Hair Designs For Guys

Star Haircut Design For Men

This awesome star design is cut into a fresh fade and faux hawk haircut.

Undercut with New Haircut Designs

The skin fade and zig-zag design on the sides looks good complemented by the thick brushed back hair with highlights.

Lines on the Side of your Neck - Hair Designs For GuysA variation of a 3 line haircut design, this look makes the lines thicker and more noticeable.

Cool Fade Haircut Designs For Men

With different shading and a faded neckline, this example is absolutely stunning work by a very talented stylist.

Cool Hair Lines

Simple haircut designs, such as these cool lines cut into a fade, can be stylish yet understated.

Top Knot with Curvy Lines for Designs

Shaved Haircut Designs

Some hair designs look best cut with a straight razor. Just make sure you pick a skilled barber for this.

Fade with Lotus Flower Haircut Design

Designs in Hair for Guys

This is one of the best haircut designs we’ve ever seen. The detailed work requires immense skill and discipline.

Faux Hawk with Cool Hair Lines

Hair Tattoo For Guys - Christian, Last Supper

For Christians, hair designs are an opportunity to display their faith. This is a depiction of the famous “Last Supper” scene.

Cool Haircut Designs For Guys - Shaved Lines

Burst Fade with Hair Design For Black Men

From curvy lines to a lightning bolt, guys can choose from limitless possibilities.

Cool Haircut Designs

Best Haircut Designs For Guys

The shading and shadowing of this fade haircut design is incredible. And it goes perfectly with this colored comb over pompadour.

Fade with Lines

Pompadour with Thick Lines on Side of Head

A skin fade or disconnected undercut on the sides is the perfect canvas for cool hair lines. Simple yet trendy, this haircut design style works well with almost any hairstyle.

Designs in Haircuts For Guys

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Zig Zag Lines Design in Fade

Hair Cutting Design

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Creative Shaved Designs in Sides

Cute Hair Design For Little Boys

Undercut Designs

3 Shaves Lines in Fade

Simple Hair Cut Design in Fade

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Cross Haircut Design

Fade Design Ideas For Boys

Cool Fade Designs

Cool Undercut Fade Hair Designs For Men

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