The comb over is easily one of the coolest men’s haircuts around. The comb over hairstyle offers a classic style that has evolved over time into a trendy modern cut that looks great with any hair type, texture or length. Stylish and popular, men’s comb over haircuts have become ubiquitous, especially in the top barbershops around the world. While there are many different types of comb overs, including the side part, comb over undercut, and comb over fade, the concept of sweeping your hair to the side is universal among all of them.

Fortunately, no matter what your hair type, face shape or age, comb over styles are sexy and easy to ask for or do. Below, we will discuss the best comb over haircuts, how to cut and style them, and examples of the look with short and long hair.

Comb Over Haircut

What Is The Comb Over Haircut?

The comb over is infinitely versatile. The hairstyle can be paired with a fade or undercut on the sides, and the longer hair on top parted to the side. The undercut and high fade comb over are high-contrast versions that many hipsters love to wear. However, for a look that may be more professional for business, you may try a low fade comb over.

Comb Over

As for the hair on top, if you’d rather keep the length, you can simply accentuate the part line with a hard part and comb your hair all to one side.

Classic Comb Over Haircut

Guys can even add volume or spikes, and you’re not restricted in terms of the length of your hair because men can choose between a long or short comb over. In fact, anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of hair will work for this iconic look.

Comb Over Fade + Hard Part

Ultimately, our favorite is the comb over fade – high, low, skin or tapered. Whichever comb over haircut you choose is bound to look great, as the hairstyle is universally flattering for its asymmetry and ability to complement your natural hair texture.

Cool Comb Over + Tapered Sides

Best Men’s Comb Over Haircuts

With so many kinds of comb over haircuts to ask for, it’s important that guys understand the subtle differences between them. Similarly, the versatility of the modern comb over for men means that guys can style any of these looks. Whether you get a hard part, line up, shaved sides, or grow a beard, this awesome cut and style can accommodate any look you want.

Men's Comb Over Haircut

Comb Over Fade

The comb over fade combines the classic side-swept look with very short hair on the sides. The fade involves tapering the hair towards the neck, so that your hair gets gradually shorter lower down your sides and back. The technique creates a fresh, high-contrast look, especially when combined with a smooth and timeless haircut such as the comb over.

Comb Over Fade

In a faded comb over, the sides are cut short and faded away from the longer hair on the top of the head. This creates a contrast between the two textures, for an edgy look that is sure to impress.

Comb Over Fade Haircut

High and Low Fade Comb Over

The fade haircut also allows guys to tailor the cut to suit their personal style. For example, a high fade is a more extreme and daring look, while a low fade is quite subtle and only takes place around the edges of your neck and ears. For something in the middle, a medium fade is always an option.

Low Fade + Comb Over + Beard

However, it is important to note that there are many different types of fades. Men can ask their barber for a skin or bald fade that blends directly into the skin, or even a razor fade with shaved sides. This year, a number of guys are picking the comb over with shaved sides for the ultimate “short hair, long top” haircut.

High Skin Fade Comb Over

Nevertheless, if you’re a businessman who wants to look tidy for work, a mid or low comb over fade could be the perfect style, while those who want a more sexy hairstyle should choose a high comb over fade.

Low Fade Comb Over Haircut

Either variation leaves you with enough length to style the hair on top of your head, and the fade technique merges seamlessly with the timeless short comb over.

Undercut Comb Over

The undercut comb over is another contemporary take on the this men’s hair trend. By combining a comb over haircut with an undercut, the sides are cropped very short and all one length using clippers, while the hair on the top of the head is left long. Alternatively, guys can get their barber to shave their back and sides for a closer cut.

Undercut Comb Over

The contrast between the short sides and longer hair on top makes the style trendy and exciting, while the hairstyle is combed to one side in a classic iteration of the comb over. With this type of comb over, the part usually takes place at the edge of the undercut.

Long Undercut Comb Over Hairstyle

Similarly, a barber can always shave a thick hard part into your scalp. This can create a more pronounced side part, but the hairstyle is still distinctively a comb over.

Comb Over Undercut

Short Comb Over

For an adaptable, easy variation on the comb over, opting for a shorter haircut is a good option. Men love the short comb over because it’s quick to style in the morning yet still shows off the hipster look. Similar to the classic comb over, the transition between the top and sides is not as pronounced or extreme as in other variations.

Short Comb Over - Hard Side Part +High Bald Fade

Most of the hair on your head will be cut to around 2 inches in length, with some slight tapering at the back and sides of the head. The advantage of the short length means that you can change your hairstyle to a messy, textured crop or crew cut any day.

Short Comb Over Fade

Long Comb Over

The long hair comb over continues the tradition of short sides and back with a fade or undercut, but keeps the hair on top medium-length or longer. The long comb over hairstyle works beautifully for men with thick, wavy, or curly hair. Plus, the extra length on top allows guys to style a number of other stylish looks, including the quiff, pompadour, of faux hawk.

Long Comb Over

Ultimately, this hairstyle for longer hair is perfect for showcasing your hair’s natural texture. Anywhere upwards of 4 inches on top can be styled into the long comb over, and shaping or layers will require a quality pomade or wax.

Long Hair Comb Over

Styling a comb over with long hair is effortless when you have good product!

Classic Comb Over

The classic comb over side part features hair on the top and sides with similar length. As a cool short men’s haircut, the classic version requires a tapered cut on the sides and back, often achieved with scissors. This keeps the transition between the sides and top more gradual, with scissor cut sides of around 1.5 inches in length gradually tapering towards the neck.

Classic Comb Over Side Part

The style on top looks like a gentleman’s haircut from the 50s, exuding sophistication and class. To ask for this haircut, simply tell your barber that you want a classic comb over style.

Classic Comb Over Hairstyle For Men

How To Style A Comb Over

Styling a comb over is easy. Unlike other haircuts, like the quiff and pompadour, that require time and effort, comb over styles can be achieved in 5 minutes. This is because the side part comb over simply needs a little practice to learn how to style a part properly.

How To Style A Comb Over Haircut

All you’ll need to start is your favorite hair product – whether that’s pomade, hair wax, or putty is up to you – and a comb. Use a fine tooth comb for maximum control if you have thin hair, but those with thicker hair are better off using a brush or medium comb. These instructions break the process down for you and get your comb overlooking tidy and sleek.

How To Do A Comb Over

To part your hair and do a comb over, follow these simple steps.

  1. Start by applying a hair styling product. If you’re using pomade or wax, rub it between your hands to warm up before using.
  2. Distribute the product evenly by running your fingers through your hair. For a neat comb over, don’t tousle your hair too much as you’ll want it to sit relatively flat for the final style. Otherwise, for a big comb over with volume, feel free to lift as you spread the product throughout.
  3. Comb your hair forward and select a part line. It’s best if your part is where your hair naturally falls, as this will make the style look better. Part your hair away from the line, pushing it to the side of your head.
  4. Comb the product through that section of hair, directing the comb straight to the side.
  5. For a different look, comb diagonally back instead of straight to the side. Brush the front of your hair up if you’d like to add volume to the hairstyle. A messy look can be created by gently separating strands of hair with your fingers, but most men prefer a sleek look.

Remember, styling a side part may demand some practice at first, but with the right technique and hair product, beginners can do the comb over as well as stylists.

Side Part Comb Over + Hard Part

How To Ask For A Comb Over Haircut

All good barbers know how to cut a comb over haircut. However, the comb over is a broad category of men’s hairstyles, and simply asking for a comb over doesn’t provide enough detail to get the cut you want. The more specific you can be about the type of comb over you want and how you want to style it, the better the final haircut will look.

Deciding on a few elements before you arrive at your local barbershop will make sure that your instructions are clear and the haircut you get is exactly what you want.

What To Tell Your Barber

First, you can start by telling your barber you’d like to part your hair on the side. The part line is the central component of a comb over hairstyle. Decide where you want to part your hair and whether you want your barber to create a hard part.

How To Ask For A Comb Over Haircut

Next, decide whether you want a fade or undercut on the sides. You can ask for a comb over fade and then decide how high or low the fade should be. Hair that is faded down the skin, also known as a bald fade, can offer a lot of contrast for a sweet look. But there are other types of fades to consider as well.

Comb Over Fade + Line Up

Afterwards, you’ll need to tell your barber how long or short the hair on top should be. Think about how you want to style the comb over. If you want to add volume to the front of the cut, your barber needs to leave enough length that you can do so. On the other hand, if you want to spend as little time styling as possible, going for a shorter look will work best with your preferences.

Long Comb Over Haircut

Lastly, feel free to ask your barber for advice. As men’s hair experts, they can tell you what will work and look good for your hair type and style.

Best Comb Over Hairstyles For Men

The comb over is a men’s haircut with many variations. You can choose between long or short, faded or tapered sides, and part your hair wherever you think the most flattering. The best feature of comb over styles is that, although the classic look is not for everyone, you can find a modern versions of the cut and tailor them to your hair type and length. For more ideas, check out these other ways to wear your comb over haircut.

Comb Over with Hard Part

Comb Over + Hard Part

Comb Over with Shaved Sides

Comb Over + Shaved Sides + Beard

High Fade + Comb Over

High Fade Comb Over

Slick Comb Over Fade + Spiky Fringe + Hard Part

Slick Comb Over Fade + Spiky Fringe + Hard Part

Comb Over + Low Fade

Comb Over + Low Fade

Short Comb Over Fade + Part

Short Comb Over Fade + Part

Long Hair Comb Over Fade

Long Comb Over Fade

Beard + Comb Over

Beard + Comb Over + Shaved Sides

Wavy Comb Over + Low Fade + Part

Wavy Comb Over + Low Fade + Part

Comb Over + Undercut Fade

Comb Over + Undercut Fade

Comb Over Quiff + High Bald Fade + Cool Beard Design

Comb Over Quiff + High Bald Fade + Cool Beard Design

Big Comb Over + Mid Fade + Long Beard

Big Comb Over + Mid Fade + Long Beard

Comb Over with Long Hair

Comb Over with Long Hair

Mid Fade + Part + Combover

Mid Fade + Part + Combover