39 Best Caesar Haircuts For Men

The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is certainly a timeless style that has stood the test of time. Inspired by Julius Caesar, the Caesar cut offers a stylish short men’s hairstyle with a forward fringe. Trendy and sleek, the latest Caesar hairstyles combine both classic and modern looks. The Caesar fade comes with a taper on the sides and back, and the styling on top can accommodate a long and short cut in the front. If you’re curious about this cool way to style short hair, here are the best Caesar haircuts for men to inspire your next look.

Caesar Haircut

What Is A Caesar Haircut?

The Caesar haircut is a classic short men’s cut with bangs. The Caesar starts with short hair on the sides, back and top. The hairstyle is then styled by brushing the hair on top forward, and letting the fringe cover a part of the forehead in the front.

Caesar Cut

Also known as the Roman haircut, the Julius Caesar haircut has been adapted and reinvented for the modern gentleman of today. While it is said that Caesar chose this cut to hide the bald spots in a receding hairline, the style has transformed into one of the most popular haircuts for guys.

Caesar Cut Haircuts

Similar to the crop top fade but with more emphasis on the hair in the front, the Caesar tape fade is cool, handsome and masculine. As a versatile hairstyle, the Caesar works well with straight, thick, wavy, and curly hair.

Caesar Hairstyle

It’s also an easy to get, simple to style look for little boys, teenagers, young guys, and older men, truly transcending age.

Best Caesar Haircuts

How To Get A Caesar Haircut

Most barbers and stylists know how to give a Caesar haircut. If you’re curious about how to cut a Caesar haircut yourself with clippers, then you’ll need to start with at least 2 inches of hair on top.

Get The Caesar Haircut

First, you’ll need to decide on how short you want to cut the hair on top since this will determine the comb number or guard size you use. Using good hair clippers, you’ll begin by trimming the top, sides and back, making sure to cover all over the head. Cutting all the hair to the same length will get you a more classic look.

Men's Caesar Haircut

For guys who want a fade haircut, you’ll need to taper the hair on the back and sides shorter than the hair on top. If you cut a #3 or #4 on top, then give yourself a #1 or #2 taper fade on the sides. This will create some contrast for a smooth, blended finish.

Caesar Haircut Styles

Best Caesar Cuts

Whether you want to style a short Caesar cut with a low fade or a long hairstyle with textured messy hair on top, here are the best men’s Caesar hairstyles to try right now.

Best Caesar Haircut Ideas For Men

Caesar Fade

The Caesar fade blends modern and classic into a short cut that any guy can pull off. With a taper fade on the sides and back coupled with a short buzz or crew cut on top, the Caesar haircut looks fresh and fashionable.

Caesar Fade

To get the Caesar cut fade, guys can choose between a high, medium, low, bald, drop, temp or taper fade haircut. With very short hair on the top, your barber will recommend an even shorter taper on the sides.

Caesar Taper Fade

The difference in length will highlight the styling on top and allow guys the flexibility to change up their hairstyles throughout the week. The faded Caesar also works nicely with all hair types, lengths, and beard styles.

Caesar Fade Haircut

Short Caesar Cut

The short Caesar cut is ideal for men who don’t want long bangs. Low-maintenance and easy to style, the short Caesar haircut comes with a crew cut on top and a short fringe that doesn’t hang too far over the forehead. Guys will notice this hairstyle very much resembles a French crop.

Short Caesar Cut

Usually paired with a taper fade on the sides to focus the eyes on the styling above, short Caesar styles look best with a textured neat or messy finish. Use a medium to light-hold matte pomade, wax or cream to achieve a good natural style.

Short Caesar Haircut

Long Caesar Cut

The long Caesar cut offers a hot and stylish hairstyle for men, and is characterized by longer hair in the front. Similar to cool fringe or Ivy League styles, long Caesar haircuts give guys more styling flexibility and options. Often combined with a fade on the sides, this type of Caesar is suited for straight thick or curly hair.

Long Caesar Cut

Low Caesar Haircut

A low Caesar haircut provides a classy cut for business professionals who need a modern yet clean look. With a low fade and short hair on top, the low cut Caesar gets you a soft, smooth style without exposing too much skin.

Low Caesar Haircut

Timeless and casual, it’s a good way for little boys and mature men to experiment with the hairstyle without fully committing.

Low Cut Caesar

Caesar with Taper

A Caesar haircut with a taper essentially keeps the hair all over the same length. Conservative and effortless, tapered sides are left longer than faded hair, minimizing the contrast. However, if you want the more classic Caesar cut, a taper haircut is the way to go. Apply product to style or leave it messy and natural for simple styling.

Caesar Taper

Caesar Style Haircut

The most popular Caesar style haircut around the world right now is the crop top fade. While the classic cut allowed for strands to drop over the forehead, the cropped hair on top with faded sides is effectively a modified Caesar.

Caesar Style Haircut

Despite being a short, trimmed hairstyle, it’s obvious this style can be worn in a number of different ways.

Modified Caesar Haircut

Classic Julius Caesar Haircut

The Julius Caesar haircut can be considered the classic Roman hairstyle. Cut short all over, the classic Caesar takes after the military-style buzz cut.

Julius Caesar Haircut

Reflective of ancient men’s hairstyles, most modern gentlemen will prefer the latest trending variation.

Classic Caesar Haircut

Modern Caesar

The modern Caesar features tapered sides for a short cut that you can wear fashionably anywhere. Unlike the classic Caesar cut where the hair is buzzed all the same length, the modern version gets you contrast by making the sides shorter than the top.

Modern Caesar Haircut

Whether you ask your barber for a fade or undercut, the modern Caesar haircut feels lighter, fresher, and more clean-cut than the traditional way.

Caesar Cut with Modern Texture

Dark Caesar Haircut

The dark Caesar haircut creates a modern, edgy take on the look. Short and bold, most dark Caesar cuts start with a temp, drop or taper fade on the sides. A low taper paired with thick textured hair on top presents a sexy, masculine appearance.

Dark Caesar Haircut

With a line up to shape the hairline and deep waves, the dark Caesar can be the perfect hairstyle for black hair.

Dark Caesar Fade

Textured Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut with a smooth texture can simply look great. Modern textured hairstyles allow men’s hair to style naturally for an effortless finish. Use a good matte pomade, clay or cream to create a fuller texture.

Textured Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut with Curly Hair

Curly hair naturally flows with the Caesar cut. Much like the curly hair fade, short curls are easy to manage and style. For this reason, plenty of guys with curly hair like to get the Caesar haircut with tapered sides. With top-rated shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, your hairstyle will have excellent volume, flow, and bounce.

Caesar Cut For Curly Hair

Caesar Cut For Black Men

The Caesar haircut for black men is a testament to this styles versatility and its universal appeal that transcends cultures. Cool and fresh, the Caesar cut looks best with black hair that is textured.

Caesar Cut For Black Men

Begin with a taper fade on the sides and back. Guys can pick a high, mid, low, temp, drop, or bald fade cut. Most black men take the short hair on top and get waves. Whether you choose 180 or 360 waves depends on your desired style and level of commitment.

Caesar Haircut For Black Guys

The end result is a seriously stylish and smooth black hairstyle the women in your life will love!

Light Caesar Haircut

The light Caesar haircut can be great for guys with certain types of hair. Men with straight thick hair may want to lighten up their style with thinning scissors.

Light Caesar Haircut

On the other hand, guys with thin or thinning hair can get the Caesar with a fade to boost volume and give a fuller appearance. Which hairstyle you need will determine how you cut the top.

Messy Caesar Haircut

The messy Caesar hairstyle offers a unique and different take on the style. If the classic styling of the Caesar looks too neat and boring for you, consider layers and a messy finish.

Messy Caesar Haircut

Moreover, guys can cut the fringe in different lengths for a sharp, daring haircut. Talk to your barber and feel free to experiment to create your own version of the Caesar cut.

Choppy Fringe Caesar Cut

Caesar Haircut For Balding Men

The Caesar haircut can be a great hairstyle for balding men. Specifically, guys who have receding hairlines or thinning hair in the front can use the Caesar cut to cover up bald spots. By leaving the fringe longer and fading the sides high and very short with a skin fade, balding men can minimize contrast.

Caesar Haircut For Balding Men

The cut is also a trendy style for men with big foreheads. If you want to hide this facial feature, again, keep your bangs long and thick. Brush and style the hair forward for a refreshing finish.

Caesar Cut For Receding Hairline

How To Style The Caesar Haircut

Styling the Caesar haircut is really easy and simple. While there are many ways to style the cut, the best way is to apply your hair product all over the top. The best hair products for men include pomade, wax, clay, or cream, and the level of hold and shine you choose will depend on your desired hairstyle and hair type.

Best Caesar Hairstyles For Men

To style the Caesar hairstyle, work the product into your hair evenly throughout. For a neat style, use a comb or brush to pull the hair forward. Leave the fringe hanging over your forehead. You can keep your bangs straight or sweep them to the side for a unique take.

Cool Caesar Fade Haircut

For guys who want volume, movement and flow, use your fingers to push the hair forward. Avoid patting down the hair to create flat look. Instead, keep the styling light with a light-hold product. Similarly, you can style the Caesar messy and tousled to create more texture and a fuller appearance.

How To Style A Caesar Haircut

There is no right or wrong way to wear a Caesar cut. As a cool cropped hairstyle, men in barber shops around the world are loving the style and experimenting with ways to do it.

Trendy Caesar Haircut with Undercut and Beard