Best Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Best Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Blonde hair has always had a unique, intriguing place in men’s style. In fact, there are so many cool haircuts for blonde guys, including short, medium and long, that it can be a challenge deciding on a blonde hairstyle.

Whether you’re naturally blonde, dyed your hair, or just got blonde highlights, you have limitless ways to style your hair and look good. If you need inspiration before your next haircut, you’ll love these blonde hairstyles for men.

Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Best Blonde Hairstyles For Men

With a fade or undercut on the sides and short or long hair on top, blonde hair men have a number of trendy men’s haircuts to choose. From the classic comb over, pompadour, and buzz cut to the modern man bun, spiky hair, and messy look, here are the best blonde hairstyles for men to get this year!

Blonde Hair Men

Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hair remains the dominant trend for guys. Easy to get, simple to maintain, and quick to style, short blonde haircuts are masculine and clean. Start with an undercut or faded sides and finish with a couple inches of hair on top.

Short Blonde Hair Men

Cool short hairstyles include the crew cut, buzz cut, French crop, side part, messy styles, and spiky hair. If you have a strong jawline, high cheekbones and thick stubble beard, the shorter length will look sexy on you.

Men's Short Blonde Hairstyles

Naturally, you’ll need a strong pomade when styling short hair. Start with a small amount, spread it through evenly, and use your fingers for a loose finish or a comb for a neater look.

Short Blonde Hairstyls For Men

Medium Blonde Hair

Versatile and stylish, medium blonde haircuts for men keep the length short enough for easy hair care but long enough to style the best hairstyles.

Cool Blonde Hairstyles For Men

To maximize contrast, get a high or medium fade on the sides and back coupled with longer hair on top.

Medium Blonde Haircuts For Men

If you like volume and flow, a textured pompadour, slicked back undercut, comb over fade, or badass faux hawk are excellent styles. Use a matte styling product for a natural look.

Medium Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Long Blond Hair

Men with long blonde hair exude charm and sex appeal. Popular and fun, long hairstyles do require patience and proper care to grow out. But eventually, you can pull it back into a ponytail, tie it up in a man bun, or let it flow beautifully.

Long Blonde Hair Men

Ultimately, women love long blonde hair. Whether you naturally have a blonde hair color or are planning to grow your dark hair out and then add blonde highlights, we highly recommend the look.

Guys with Long Blonde Hair

Paired with a full beard and some mousse or clay for texture, you can be one of those hot blonde guys girls swoon over.

Long Blonde Haircuts For Men

Blonde Fade

The fade haircut continues to be the best way to trim and cut men’s hair on the sides and back. There are many different types of fades to match your style, including the high, medium, low, taper, bald, burst, drop and skin fade.

Blonde Fade

Fortunately, the blonde fade works with all cuts, styles and hair types. Just tell your barber where you want the fading to start and how short you want to go.

Blonde Hair Fade Haircuts For Men

Because of the contrast created by the fade, this haircut is well-suited for short, medium and long blonde hairstyles.

Blonde Fade Haircut

Blonde Undercut

Cool and sleek, the undercut is a great alternative to the fade. The blonde undercut keeps the sides and back short but at one length. The best undercut hairstyles tend to be slicked back hair, comb over, pompadour, and faux hawk.

Blonde Undercut

Designed for all hair types, such as straight, thick, wavy or curly hair, ask your barber if the undercut haircut is appropriate with your favorite look. If so, the way you style your hair will absolutely stand out with this fashionable feature.

Blonde Hair Undercut Fade Haircut

Curly Blonde Hair

Blonde curly hair offers a unique texture few men can emulate. Whether you have natural curls or want to make your straight hair curly, curly blonde hairstyles look fresh and handsome.

Blonde Curly Hair Men

If you find managing and styling your curly blonde hair to be a pain, consider a short haircut. Short curls with a fade can get you a clean-cut finish. However, guys with medium to long blonde curly hair can really pull off something special.

Curly Blonde Hairstyles For Guys

In the end, curly blonde hair can symbolize a youthful yet manly, seductive style.

Blonde Wavy Hair

While sometimes unruly and hard to style, your blond wavy hair can be a major asset. Paired with the right haircuts, wavy hairstyles for guys with blonde hair include the comb over, brush back, side swept fringe, thick crop top, and messy bedhead.

Blonde Wavy Hair Men

Apply a good shampoo and conditioner to avoid drying your hair out and creating frizz. With proper styling tips, you can leverage your waves for a fresh, charming look.

Wavy Hair Men Blonde Highlights

Blonde Man Bun

The blonde man bun is a relatively new hairstyle that exploded onto the scene several years ago. Generally worn by young men, the man bun appears particularly alluring with platinum, sun-bleached, and dirty blonde hair. Combine your man bun with a well-groomed beard for a pretty boy meets rugged man look.

Blonde Man Bun

Messy Blonde Hair

Messy blonde hair makes for the perfect modern and casual hairstyle. Ideally styled with short to medium-length hair, messy styles require a light-hold styling product with low shine.

Messy Blonde Hair

Guys with blonde messy hair can get the bad boy look at night, while still looking stylish as a professional.

Messy Blonde Hairstyles Men

Blonde Comb Over

The comb over is a timeless men’s hairstyle that evokes classy and sophistication. Although the classic version starts with a taper on the sides, the modern variation is the comb over fade haircut.

Blonde Hair Comb Over

The blonde hair comb over works well for men with straight thick, fine or thinning hair. Simple to style, just apply some good product and you’re ready to brush all your hair to one side.

Blonde Comb Over Fade Haircuts

Blonde Pompadour

The blonde pompadour can look on-trend, polished, and confident. To do a pompadour, you’ll want to push your hair up and back. Keep it in place by using a high-hold pomade.

Blonde Pompadour

With the right styling, light and dark blonde hair pompadour hairstyles provide an air of sharp yet sexy air.

Blonde Hair Pompadour Fade

Spiky Blonde Hair

Spiky blonde hair can be a badass edgy look. With styling gel, pomade, or wax, create messy spikes all over or neat spiked up hair in the front. Bold and fun, men’s spiky hairstyles can transform your style.

Spiky Blonde Hair

Mohawk Blonde Hair

A blonde hair mohawk offers a chic and modern hairstyle with an element of fearlessness. The mohawk fade doesn’t require shaved sides, and instantly becomes much more flexible than the classic mohawk. How long and thick you style your blonde mohawk will determine how daring you want to go.

Mohawk Blonde Hair

Blonde Buzz Cut

The blonde buzz cut is an exceptional haircut for rugged men. This short hairstyle requires no styling or maintenance. Just run some hair clippers through your blonde hair with a number 1 or 2 guard attached.

Blonde Buzz Cut Men

Suited for masculine facial features, the men’s buzz cut works well whether you have highlights on dark hair or dyed platinum blonde locks.

Blonde Buzz Cut

Thick Blonde Hair

Men with thick blonde hair have their pick of all the best men’s haircuts. From short styles like the crop top or Ivy League to medium and long styles like the brush up, faux hawk, fringe, and ponytail, it’s up to you to experiment with different hairstyles.

Thick Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Similarly, guys can try different hair colors, including strawberry, platinum, dirty, light ash, and dark blonde hair, to find the right dyed hair for their face and look.

Hot Blonde Hair Guys

Black Men with Blonde Hair

Black men with blonde hair are a testament to how universally attractive this color and style can be. Generally, black guys combine blonde tips or platinum blonde hair with a buzz cut, burst fade mohawk, dreads, kinky coils, or tight curls.

Black Men with Blonde Hair

Ultimately, blonde on black hair guys can make the hairstyle pop and stand out in any crowd.

Black Men with Short Blonde Hair

Blonde Dreads

Blonde dreads are adventurous, unique and exciting. Whether you’re a surfer, want a cool festival hairstyle for the week, or a black man who likes to add some contrast in their hair color, blonde dread styles provide a carefree, easy look.

Blonde Dreads Men

Blonde Hair with Fringe

If you’re tired of styling your hair or simply want a different look, style your blonde hair into a fringe. Fringe hairstyles are particularly popular for men with curls. Just grow out your bangs, brush your hair forward, let your blonde fringe hang off over your forehead. Finish with some light styling product and hair spray for a hot flowing style.

Blonde Hair with Fringe Men

Short Sides, Long Top Blonde Hair

Short sides, long top haircuts have been all the rage in recent years. With maximum styling options, guys with blonde hair have the ability to style a comb over one day, a slick back the next, and a faux hawk another. Add in thick facial hair and some clean highlights, and you have a fresh cut.

Short Sides, Long Top Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde Slicked Back Hair

Sleek, classy and popular, blonde slicked back hair is a winning look. Using a strong pomade with high shine, brush your hair straight back and get a slick back hairstyle that will always look good.

Blonde Slicked Back Hair

If you prefer some volume and movement, try a wax or clay for a lighter hold and textured finish. This awesome blonde hairstyle balances seduction and sophistication for a complete look.

Blonde Hair Slicked Back Undercut

Shaggy Blonde Hair

Shaggy blonde hair boys are adorable and cute by all standards. But shaggy hairstyles aren’t just reserved for toddlers, kids, and teen boys. If you have short or medium hair, run some product through your hair, mess it up for a disheveled look, and then sweep part of your bangs to one side. With a textured natural style, your shaggy blonde hair will ooze confidence.

Shaggy Blonde Hair

Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde hair men enjoy the benefits of having a color between brown and blonde. In fact, dark blonde hairstyles look hot and sexy on all guys.

Dark Blonde Hair Men

For the best hairstyles, get short faded sides with longer hair that can be styled in a variety of ways. Your dark blonde hair will give you a particularly edgy and manly style.

Hot Dark Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde men get the best of both worlds. With boyish charm but the seductive allure of a man, dirty blonde hairstyles will remain trendy for the foreseeable future. Girls love dirty blondes with flowing long hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to grow your hair out.

Dirty Blonde Hair Men

Nonetheless, leverage the contrasting colors in your hair by giving your style volume and movement.

Short Dirty Blonde Haircuts

Ask your barber for a classic taper or fade haircut on the sides, and leave some length on top. Apply a light to medium hold styling product and go for a whimsical, casual look.

Dirty Blonde Hairstyles For Men

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is another gorgeous hair color for guys. Created by blending beautiful red tones with golden blonde highlights, men with strawberry blonde hairstyles can pull off a stunning look.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Men

While this glistening light hair is ideal on guys with fair complexions, it can add a degree of summery warmth on any man or child.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Men with platinum blonde hair are naturally looking to make a bold statement. While bleaching and dyeing your hair can be a hassle, the best platinum blonde hairstyles can make the effort worthwhile. In fact, platinum blonde men have surged in numbers due to this hair color being a popular street style.

Platinum Blonde Hair For Men

For best results, we recommend you bleach your hair platinum at a salon to avoid mishaps at home. If you’re not confident about the look, guys can even experiment with platinum blonde highlights before going all the way.

Platinum Blonde Hair

In the end, this trend is here to stay and all your favorite cool men’s hairstyles will work nicely with this coloring.

Platinum Blonde Men's Hairstyles

Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights on men can be incredibly tantalizing and flirtatious. Adding lines of gold and blonde streaks through dark hair can brighten your face and hairstyle, making your style instantly more inviting and trendy.

Blonde Highlights Men

Guys with blonde highlights often have medium to long hair, although short hair can accommodate the look as well.

Long Blonde Highlights Men

And although men’s hair highlights are well-suited with all types of hairstyles, we strongly recommend you showcase your contrasting colors with loose, texture hairstyles.

Guys with Blonde Highlights

Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde offers a nice mix between white and blonde hair. Striking and super modern, ash blonde hair can come in dark or light tones.

Ash Blonde Hairstyles For Guys

No matter which version you prefer, this color will give you a fresh look that can help you reinvent yourself.

Ash Blonde Hair Men

Dyed Blonde Hair

If you don’t have the hair color naturally, men can always achieve this look with dyed blonde hair. Dyed blonde hairstyles actually come with their own unique benefits.

Dyed Blonde Hairstyles For Men

For instance, you can dye your hair blonde but keep the roots dark, and pair it nicely with a thick short beard.

Dyed Blonde Hair

Blonde Tips

Blonde tips were one of the biggest men’s hair trends of the 90’s. Now it’s back, but the blonde hair tips for guys today are much cleaner and classier.

Blonde Hair Tips Guys

When done properly and sparingly on black hair, blonde tips can elevate your hairstyle.

Blonde Tips Men