If you’re looking for the latest hairstyles for men, these are the best men’s haircuts to get right now fresh from the hottest barbershops around the world. Most guys don’t have the time to research and find trendy new hairstyles. And the truth is, different haircut styles look better on some guys than others. Whether this is due to different types of hair (thick, curly, wavy, straight, thin) or face shapes, our collection of top new haircuts for guys offers plenty of awesome options.

The latest men’s hair trends range from short, medium and long hair to classic and modern haircuts. With an undercut or fade on the sides and a quiff, pompadour, fohawk, slick back, comb over, French crop or fringe hairstyle, there are many popular cuts and styles to choose from. If you want to try a good hairstyle or a cool men’s haircut to update your look, then we’ll help you find the hottest hair ideas.

Check out the best haircuts and hairstyles for men to get in 2020!

Best Men's Haircuts

Best Haircuts For Men 2020 Guide

If you’re thinking of getting a new haircut and want a style that is going to get you noticed, these awesome hairstyles are the way to go. The stylish cuts and cool hairstyles below will update your look and show you exactly how to style your hair.

Best Haircuts For Men

For starters, we are seeing more medium-length to longer hairstyles that allow for movement and flow. These trends are styled with a more natural finish for a messy, textured look. The best hair products to achieve this include light to medium hold pomades and waxes that provide a matte finish.

Best New Haircuts For Guys

However, this is not to say that short haircuts are out. Short men’s haircuts will always be cool and popular because they are clean cut, fresh, and easy to style. Plus, short hairstyles are perfect for curly, wavy and thick hair.

Best Short Men's Haircuts

Here are some of the top men’s haircuts to try this year as well as the products to use and how to style hair for men.

Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut is part of virtually every cool men’s hairstyle nowadays. With so many different types of fades – low, mid, high, skin, drop, burst, razor – guys can ask their barbers for a number of haircuts. And while guys use the terms “fade” and “taper” interchangeably, they are two different types of fades.

Fade Haircuts For Men

The difference between a fade and taper is that a fade blends down to the skin while a taper trims hair very short. Further, a low fade haircut for men involves fading just the bottom section of the hair, just above the hairline and around the ear. Meanwhile, the high fade starts close to the top with a more noticeable buzz down the sides of the head. Finally, the skin or bald fade haircut is buzzed down to a zero and exposes the scalp.

Best Men's Fade Haircuts

Classic Taper

The classic taper hairstyle is both versatile and trendy. The distinctive feature of tapered haircuts is hair which gets gradually shorter towards the bottom of the head but leaves much more length than a fade.

Classic Taper Hairstyle For Men

With a taper, shorter hair can be given a stylish twist and is much more conservative, making it perfect for the traditional side part or longer styles. For this reason, the taper is set to be one of the most popular men’s haircuts.

Classic Short Taper Men's Haircut

Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle has become almost as common as the fade. Cut very short and high on the sides and back, the undercut offers plenty of contrast. The latest hair trends show the undercut being paired with messy, textured hairstyles such as the comb over, faux hawk, quiff and long fringe. As one of the best haircuts for men with thick hair, ask your barber for an undercut on your next visit.

Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Quiff Haircut

The quiff continues to be one of the top short to medium-length haircuts for guys. Textured with a matte pomade for a natural look, the modern quiff haircut is a stylish variation of the classic look. Best styled with thick hair, it remains a fashionable, sleek choice for any guy who can pull it off.

Quiff Men's Haircut

With a fade or undercut on the sides and longer hair on top, the main challenge of the quiff hairstyle is its intense styling. Although a good pomade or wax can make it easier to style a quiff, a lot of men simply don’t have the time or energy to work with product and brush their hair into place every morning. While this may be the case for a long quiff, guys who want a low-maintenance but trendy haircut may want to get the short quiff.

Quiff Taper Fade

Comb Over

Classy, neat and perfect for gentlemen, the comb over is a versatile style that will look great at work or in your personal life. If you’re looking for a top hairstyle for men in 2020 that is flattering for just about every face shape and can be worn to both formal and informal occasions, the comb over haircut should be your favorite look.

Comb Over Hairstyles For Men

Good men’s hairstyles don’t have to be the latest, boundary-pushing styles to make a splash, and the comb over is an excellent example of a trendy cut that has stood the test of time. Whether you want short or long hair, a fade or undercut on the sides, or a hard part to define the look, the comb over can accommodate your desires. It also happens to be one of the most popular boy’s haircuts!

Long Comb Over Fade Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hair

The slick back is an iconic retro hairstyle that looks good on most guys. Although the most common version is the slick back undercut, there are many variations to the cut – all of which look cool with short, medium or long hair. For example, you can ask your barber for a taper fade on the sides instead, or decide to skip the sleek, shiny finish for textured, brushed back hair with volume.

Slicked Back Hair with Fade

All you need to achieve this look is at least 2 inches of hair, a hair brush, and a high-quality styling product. Simply apply your pomade, wax or clay throughout, brush the product back through your hair, and style your unique look. Ultimately, slicked back hair is perfect for business professionals or a casual night out.

Slicked Back Men's Hairstyles


The pompadour was a huge hit in barbershops just a few years ago. And while the pompadour hairstyle remains popular in the world of men’s hair, the haircut was overtaken by the quiff. The pomp and quiff styles are remarkably similar, with both featuring short sides and long hair on top.

Pompadour Fade Haircut

The modern pompadour fade is the most desired version of the cut because the faded sides create good contrast. The end result is an edgy look that doesn’t disrupt the lines and volume of this classic haircut. Styling a pompadour may take some time, but it’s worth the fashion statement.

Pompadour Men's Hairstyle


The mohawk is a notorious men’s hairstyle that reminds most guys of their favorite punk rockers. An updated version of the style is set to become in vogue as a low-maintenance but trendy style.

Mohawk Hairstyle For Men

The modern mohawk involves more gradual transitions between the longer hair on top and shorter sides and back, but still includes the distinctive strip of thick hair running down the middle of the head. Instead of the rebellious mohawk with shaved sides, men are choosing to get a taper fade.

Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

Spiky Hair

Styling spiky hair may remind you of the 90’s, but it’s an attractive short hairstyle for men. By adding texture with a small amount of strong hold, matte pomade or wax, guys can pull off this edgy, fashion-conscious haircut.

Spiky Hair For Men

For more flexibility in styling other cool hairstyles, leave a bit more length on top and fade the sides. Short to medium-length hair will allow you to get a comb over, faux hawk, quiff, brush back, and a variety of other handsome styles.

Men's Spiky Haircut with Fade and Beard

Ivy League

Vintage and traditional, the Ivy League is another go-to haircut that any guy can pull off without complicated instructions or an army of styling products. The distinctive features of the Ivy League haircut are short hair on top, a fade or taper, and hair that is swept to the sides in the front.

Cool Ivy League Haircut For Guys

The most classic and sophisticated version of the cut requires natural, textured styling. For a neat men’s haircut that is bound to impress in business meetings and at public events, the Ivy League is a good choice.

Textured Ivy League Hairstyle

Crew Cut

Known as a military haircut along with the buzz cut, the crew cut is a stylish yet enduring hairstyle for the modern man. While the standard crew cut fade may not be flattering for all head shapes, asking your barber to add small variations to the cut (for example, leaving longer hair on top of the head) can make it appropriate for your face.

Crew Cut Fade

Nevertheless, the crew cut hairstyle is low-maintenance, clean-cut, and always easy to style, making it perfect for rugged guys.

Crew Cut Hairstyle For Men

Fringe Hairstyles

The fringe haircut has been trending strong and will continue to increase in popularity. By choosing a modern textured fringe, men get a longer hairstyle that can be tailored for their specific face shape and hair type.

Fringe Hairstyles

Fringe styles are best paired with high skin fades or low tapers, depending on your desired style. This men’s hairstyle is also a great way to show off highlights and wavy or curly hair.

Long Hairstyle on Top with Short Sides and Beard

By combining long hair on top with a beard and short sides, this masculine style achieves the right balance between facial hair and head hair without making you look unkempt or messy.

Haircuts For Men with Beards

For a classy look, you can style the hair on the top of your head into a badass slick back or quiff hairstyle, which makes an interesting contrast with the rugged beard. Ultimately, men can’t go wrong growing out a thick beard as women find facial hair a sign of virility and manliness.

Wavy Hairstyles

Men with wavy hair know that they need a good haircut to control and manage their unruly locks. Good haircuts for guys with wavy hair are ones that shows off their hair’s natural texture.

Wavy Hair Comb Over Fade

Try an undercut paired with a short to medium hairstyle that leaves manageable length on the top of the head. The French crop, fringe, slick back and side part can showcase wavy hair and give you a unique styling others guys can’t pull off.

Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair men have a naturally fashionable texture they should use. Choosing a curly hairstyle that leaves enough length and volume will give you a sexy look and styling versatility. If you’re worried about your hair being frizzy in a longer style, a good pomade or cream will help to tame any flyaway hairs for a sleek finish.

Best Curly Hairstyles For Men

The best haircuts for curly hair include the comb over, fringe, quiff, and medium-length styles. Definitely experiment with these different short and long curly hairstyles to find the right version for you.

Best Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men have become much more common in recent years. From the man bun to the top knot, ponytail, shoulder length and flowing manes, guys with long hair have many haircut and styling ideas to pick from.

Long Hairstyles For Men

To get the most out of your longer hair, we highly recommend you use the top-rated shampoos and conditioners for men. Good products will nourish men’s hair, keeping it healthy with a natural shine. Similarly, apply a quality styling clay or cream to maximize texture and control.

Men with Long Hair

Cool Hair Colors For Men

If you’re really looking for change this year, experiment with different hair color ideas. Dying your hair could be the perfect way to express yourself. Most guys don’t consider hair dye or bleaching a realistic option, but changing hair colors can be a good way to get a fresh start.

Cool Hair Colors For Men

With so many awesome choices, including blonde, platinum blonde, silver, white, and grey, bleached hair can help create the perfect men’s hairstyle for your personality. Whatever your natural hair color or texture, getting a new color can really complement your stylish haircut.

Bleached Men's Hairstyles

Popular Hairstyles For Men To Get 2020

With so many cool haircuts and hairstyles for men, picking just one cut and style is no easy task. If you want to shake up your old look with a fresh hairdo, hopefully these examples of the best men’s haircuts will make that decision a little easier.

Here are the top new long, medium and short haircuts for men to get. Just make sure to take a few pictures from this useful guide to the barbershop to ensure that you end up with a guy’s hairstyle that completes your personal style.

Textured Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Pomp with High Bald Fade and Beard

This textured comb over pompadour looks great, especially when combined with a high bald fade and line up. Add in the full beard for facial hair and you have one of the best haircuts for men this year!

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk with High Fade and Line Up

The faux hawk (fohawk) creates an awesome hairstyle any guy will love. What’s even better is how this curly hair has been styled to create the badass fohawk fade and hard part.

Messy Wavy Hair with Mid Fade and Beard

Messy Wavy Hair with Mid Fade and Beard

One easy way to style wavy hair is to simply go for the disheveled, messy hairstyle. With an unkempt beard, the cleanest part of this cut is the fade on the sides.

Textured Spiky Hair with High Skin Fade

Textured Spiky Hair with High Skin Fade

Textured hairstyles are all the rage this year. Here we have a cool spiky hairstyle with a fresh high skin fade.

Short Textured Fringe with Low Taper Fade

Short Textured Fringe with Low Fade

As one of the best short men’s haircuts, this longer crew cut is styled with a messy fringe. The low taper fade on the sides is clean and fresh, and focuses the eyes on the natural styling of the hair on top.

High Drop Fade with Quiff

High Drop Fade with Quiff

Quiffs are always in style, offering a touch of sophistication and class that’s perfect for the office or your social life. Throw in a cool high drop fade and shape up, and this quiff haircut is hot!

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Messy Top

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Messy Top

While this hairstyle may look messy and without style, it actually leverages some of the best men’s hair trends of the year. A low skin fade creates contrast with the longer, textured top and the beard adds some stylish facial hair.

Comb Over with Part and High Fade

Comb Over with Part and High Fade

Hipster haircuts are known for being stylish and cool, and this cut and style delivers. With a trendy comb over on top with a hard part and high fade on the side, we get one of the best hairstyles for guys!

Brushed Up Fringe with Mid Bald Fade

Brushed Up Fringe with Mid Bald Fade

Brush ups are great for men with straight, thick hair. Paired with a stubble beard and a nice mid bald fade, this modern haircut is professional and fun.

Textured Slick Back with Undercut

Textured Slick Back with Undercut

The new slicked back undercut is a variation of the classic hairstyle. Textured instead of styled with an oil-based pomade, this dapper look has been one of the best haircut styles for men.

Crop Top Haircut with High Fade

Messy Crop Top Haircut with High Fade

Short textured haircuts have been trending hard this year, and the crop top will continue to remain a top pick for guys that like short hair. One reason may be that cropped hairstyles work well for all hair types. Whether you have thick, curly, wavy or straight hair, a crop cut on top with a taper fade on the sides is an easy yet cool look.

Comb Over Pompadour

Comb Over Pompadour

Mixing a comb over and pompadour offers the styling versatility guys love. A good hairstyle for men with thick hair, this example also features a classic taper on the sides for a classy, smart look.

Low Drop Fade with Shape Up and Twists

Low Burst Fade with Shape Up and Twists

As one of the best hairstyles for black men, this low drop fade only accentuates the long twists on top. The super clean line up along the hairline keeps the cut fresh.

Long Hair Brushed Back with Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut

As part of the short sides, long top hair trend, this undercut and brushed back hairstyle stands out. Apply a good matte hair product with medium to high hold and you can wear your hair the exact same way.

Wavy Brushed Up Hair and High Razor Fade

Wavy Brushed Up Hair and High Razor Fade

This brushed up hairstyle provides a nice, handsome look for guys with wavy hair. The razor fade delivers all the contrast needed.

Hard Side Part with High Fade and Full Beard

Hard Side Part with High Fade and Full Beard

The side part hairstyle looks more modern with a fade on the sides. The shaved hard part is a sweet touch, tailoring the style for a more edgy look on a typical gentleman’s haircut.

Thick Spiky Hair with Shaved Sides

Spiky Hair with Shaved Sides

Mid Bald Fade with Short Textured Crop

Mid Bald Fade with Short Textured Crop

Short Sides with Long Slicked Back Hair

Short Sides with Slicked Back Hair

Quiff with Short Sides and Thick Beard

Quiff with Short Sides and Thick Beard

Thick Brush Up with Undercut and Beard

Thick Brush Up with Undercut and Beard