With so many badass tattoos to choose from, it can be hard for guys to pick from all the cool designs online. But some badass tattoo ideas are about more than just the artwork itself. Everyone has a different reason for getting a tattoo. Some want to honor family with a meaningful quote, while others want an awesome form of self-expression signifying rebellion and independence. Whatever your reason for wanting to get inked, here are the most badass tattoos for guys.

Whether you want a badass arm, forearm, back, chest, shoulder, neck, wrist, hand, neck or sleeve tattoo, our collection of pictures will help you find the best drawings for you. We even made a point to include a number of different types, such as lion, dragon, rose, tribal, skull, cross, and samurai tattoo designs. In the end, from small and simple to big, masculine and intimidating, we hope you’ll be inspired by these unique ideas!

Badass Tattoos

Badass Tattoo Ideas

While finding a badass tattoo can be overwhelming, fortunately, there are many ways to project masculinity, strength, and toughness. Guys often think of scary, morbid designs instead of focusing on something deeper that represents a life philosophy or belief. After all, the coolest tats come in different forms, shapes, sizes and colors, but they are all inspirational or motivational in some way. Here are some of the best tattoos for men.

Badass Rose Tattoos

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Most Badass Tattoos

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Badass Quote Tattoos on Chest

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