35 Best Baby Boy Haircuts

Best Baby Boy Hairstyles

Moms are always looking for the best baby boy haircuts. And long gone are the days where every little boys hairstyle is the exact same side part, comb over, or shaggy top. These days, your infant boy’s haircuts can be just as trendy as the coolest hairstyles for men. In fact, we’d argue that our list of cute baby boy haircut styles look even better on toddlers and little boys because kids are just absolutely adorable with the right cuts.

Whether you’re searching for short, medium or long haircuts, you’ll find a number of awesome baby boy hairstyles that will carry your little man from toddler to 1 or 2 years old and beyond.

From the faux hawk to comb over, slick back, fade and undercut, here are our favorite hairstyles for little boys and all the different versions of each. We’re certain these stylish and cute cuts and styles will put a smile on your face and perhaps even help your baby boy show off his burgeoning personality.

Baby Boy Haircuts

Cute Baby Boy Hairstyles

Hairstyles for boys can range from easy to creative, neat to messy, shiny to textured, or classic to modern. Styling your baby boy’s hair can be a challenge if you don’t know about all the different styles and options.

It is important to note that the latest hair trends have been all about natural, textured haircut styles. Going short on the sides with medium to longer hair on top offers plenty of hair choices.

Cute Baby Boy Hairstyles

Below, we’ll highlight the best cuts and styles for little boys as well as provide pictures. Take a look at these trendy examples to figure out what types of haircuts will look best on your kid!

1 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Best Baby Boy Haircuts For One Year Old

The best haircuts for a one year old boy don’t require much cutting at all. Actually, we’d argue that leaving your little boy’s hair natural and long with just a trim of the tips is the right course of action. After all, as he grows up, those nice lush tresses will never be as adorable. Until then, use a light hold hair product to style a loose, textured hairstyle.

Cute 1 Year Old Baby Boy Hairstyles

If you absolutely want a short haircut for your little one, try tapered sides with at least 3 inches of hair on top. For the best first haircut styles, think about side swept hair, a shaggy mop top, or the classic comb over.

2 Year Old Boy Haircuts

The best 2 year old boy haircuts offer much more styling options. Because little boys have a lot of personality at 2, they deserve cuts and styles that match. The most popular hairstyles this year include the faux hawk, mohawk, side part, quiff, and spiky hair.

Cute Baby Boy Haircuts For 2 Year Old Kids - Mohawk with Shaved Sides

The traditional mohawk with shaved sides can be perfect for some kids, but some parents may consider it too edgy. A happy middle ground can be found in the faux hawk. Accompanied with a fade or undercut to create contrast on the sides and back, the faux hawk is a trendy style and barbershop favorite.

Cute Baby Boy Haircuts - Low Taper Fade + Short Thick Textured Hair on Top

Another great haircut idea for little boys is a low fade on the sides and short to medium length hair on top. The low fade is conservative but still provides the necessary contrast that draws the eyes to the hair above. The length on top then offers the versatility to style simple and easy or creative and fashionable hairstyles. For instance, leaving your boy’s thick hair textured and messy can be a fresh look.

Short Hairstyles For Boys

Short Hairstyles For Boys - Taper Fade + Shape Up + Hard Part + Spiky Hair

Short haircuts will always be in style. This taper fade haircut is paired with a shape up that makes clean, crisp lines along the hairline. And because hair designs and hard parts have been trending this year, this spiky hairstyle is made all the more unique.

Baby Boy Haircuts - Undercut with Short Hair Fringe

If you prefer a low-maintenance haircut, this undercut with an angular fringe might be the solution. The undercut trims the sides and back all one length, and the short layered hair on top is brushed to the side in the front. This creates an angular fringe that, while looking off-balance, is actually pretty cool.

Medium-Length Baby Boys Hairstyles

Best Baby Boy Hairstyles - Medium Length Hair For Little Boys

As part of the short sides, long top hair trend for boys and men, medium length hairstyles look adorable and natural. Letting your little boy’s hair grow out opens up limitless possibilities. Pictured above, you’ll find a short classic taper on the sides cut with scissors instead of clippers. On top, the longer textured style delivers volume and movement.

Cool Boys Hairstyles - Side Swept Fringe with Short Sides

The beauty of longer hair for boys is the numerous hairstyles you can achieve. Instead of a messy, free-flowing faux hawk, kids can also keep their hair down and parted to one side.

Little Boy Long Hairstyles

Little Boy Long Haircuts

Once upon a time, it was a common belief that long hair should be reserved for little girls. Today, more boys than ever are sporting long hairstyles. If your little guy loves his lush, shiny hair and you’re not quite ready to part with it, there are plenty of nice styles for boys with long hair.

Little Boy Long Hairstyles - Cute Side Part with Curly Hair

If your baby boy has fine hair, consider a style with a deep side part and a few long layers to help give it some flow while keeping it manageable.

Best Long Hairstyles For Little Boys with Curly Hair

On the other hand, if your little guy has curly hair, layers can once again be your friend. In fact, longer layered baby boy hairstyles can accentuate those adorable curls.

Fade Haircuts

Baby Boy Haircuts - Low Taper Fade with Hard Part Comb Over and Spiked Up Front

Kids fade haircuts work well with all types of cuts and styles. A fade is a haircut that starts out longer on the top and gradually becomes shorter as it tapers down toward the sides, back and neck. In some cases, you can ask your little boy’s barber for a skin fade, in which case the bottom section could be buzzed or even completely shaven.

Cute Kids Fade Haircuts - Low Taper Fade with Hair Design and Longer Textured Natural Spiky Hair

As far as the longer hair on top, we recommend short to medium-length hair. You could keep it to about an inch and spike up the front with some pomade, or keep it longer and slick it back with a bit of cream.

Cool Cute Boys Haircuts - High Fade with Thick Curly Hair on Top

These styles are ideal for little boys because they are no-fuss, simple to style, and easy to maintain with trims every few weeks. The taper fade haircut looks good with all hair types, so whether your little boy has straight fine hair or incredibly thick and curly locks, a fade cut can be ideal and fun.

Faux Hawk

Infant Boy Hairstyles - Cute Faux Hawk

Show a little boy a picture of a punk rocker with a huge, colorful mohawk, and there’s a good chance he’ll want that style for himself – at least for a while. It’s fun to create mohawks at bath time by lathering up the shampoo and piling spikes on top of your little one’s head, but what if you could recreate that look every day, only in a milder form? The faux hawk is the perfect way to accomplish this, and it can be as bold as you’d like.

Cool Baby Boy Hairstyles - Faux Hawk with Short Sides

Faux hawks can be incorporated into fades, but they can also be created from your normal little boy haircuts with a bit of pomade or gel.

Cool Haircuts For Little Boys - Short Sides with Faux Hawk or Mohawk

To style a kid’s faux hawk, start with slightly damp hair and then pull the hair on top of his head toward the center, pointing straight up. A medium to high hold styling product is needed to keep the hair in place all day.

Side Swept Hair

Best Haircuts For Baby Boys - Side Sweep or Comb Over

Also known as a side part or comb over, the side sweep is one of the most popular cuts among preteen and teenage boys, and in many cases, it’s just as suitable for toddlers and little boys.

Like fades, side swept haircut styles are incredibly flexible and allow you to keep the top as short or long as you’d like. All it takes is a nice hairstyle that parts on one side or the other and “sweeps” across his head.

Cute Hairstyles For Little Boys - Long Combed Over Side Swept Hair with Short Sides

In some cases, it may be a forward side sweep that you like best; in others, you may want to keep the hair even longer and give it a tousled effect.

Cool Boys Haircuts - Side Part + Hard Part + Fade

And with just a slightly neater finish, it’s even possible to style a classic side part. The modern side part with a fade on the sides offers an elegant, smart hairstyle perfect for boys of all ages.

Adorable Updos

Little Boy Long Hairstyles - Updos, Baby Bun

If your baby boy’s hair seems to grow incredibly quickly and you want a fast, simple way to help him look stylish before leaving for day care or school in the morning, updos are it. These simply involve pulling his longer hair up into a bun, ponytail, or braid to keep it out of his way throughout the day without sacrificing style.

The best part is that you won’t have to run to the stylist once a month to maintain his look; if you’re a week or two late with a trim, the updo will hide it.

Cool Baby Boy Hairstyles - Ponytail For Long Hair

The classic “man bun” can be reinvented into the “baby bun” and it’s so adorable you won’t be able to stop. You might also opt for something more unique, like a ponytail high on his head with perfect part, undercut, and edging.

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Braids and Cornrows

Similarly, braids and cornrows are always cute on kids; there are hundreds of styles to choose from to suit little boys of all ages and hair lengths.

Spiky Hairstyles

Baby Boy Haircuts - Short Sides with Spiked Up Hair on Top

If there’s one hairstyle your baby boy will always love, it’s spikes. After all, it’s funny for little boys to watch their hair stand straight up on their heads, especially after months of trying to tame those pesky cowlicks.

Baby Boy Haircuts - Spiky Hair

Spiky styles can help you avoid the constant struggle with a strong pomade or hair gel. The best part is that you can accomplish something insanely cute even if your son’s hair is only barely there.

Baby Boy Hairstyles - Cute Spiky Hair

These baby boy hairstyles require nothing more than some styling product and a comb. Just apply a tiny amount of product to damp hair and comb it straight upward, then let it set. The result is a spiky do that will amuse you, the little guy, and all his friends and family.

Slicked Back Hair

Best Little Boy Hairstyles - Slicked Back Hair

If trying to put every single cowlick in its place in the morning is wearing on your (and your son’s) patience, try a slick back hairstyle. Brushing hair back is easy enough – just use some kid-friendly pomade or wax and slick all of your boy’s hair back away from his face. As long as you choose a water-based styling product that offers at least a moderate hold, it’ll stay there all day, and it won’t be a pain to wash out at night, either.

Cool Hairstyles For Little Boys - Slicked Back Undercut with Hair Design

With so many different ways to style slicked back hair, how you achieve the look is entirely up to you. For instance, the slick back undercut is by far the most trendy and edgy variation.

Cute Boys Haircuts - Brushed Back Hair with Fade on the Sides

However, some moms may prefer a fade on the sides with a more natural-looking brush back to maximize volume and movement. Use a low shine or matte hair product, comb the hair back, and then work in the finer details with your fingers.

Curly Hairstyles For Baby Boys

Cute Baby Boy Haircuts - Curly Hairstyles

Most people are envious of a baby boy’s gorgeous curly hair. Those pristine curls are shiny, bouncy, and just adorable. Though it can be tempting to keep your little man’s hair cut short for easy care, grooming and styling, the truth is that growing those curls out a bit is sometimes the best hairstyle.

Baby Boy Hair Cuts and Styles - Curly Haircuts

Short sides, long top haircuts can focus the eyes on your boy’s beautiful curly hair. You can even allow his adorable curls to fall down across his forehead for cute bangs. Finally, if his hair is somewhat fine, it may be best to style in some long layers and simply let it have a mind of its own.