Asian men tend to have straight, thick hair, and the best Asian hairstyles for men take advantage of this fact. With so many cool haircuts for Asian guys, it can be tough to pick just one cut and style. From an undercut or taper fade on the sides to short, medium or long hair on top, trendy Asian men hairstyles range from the comb over to the quiff, slick back, pompadour, faux hawk, fringe, spiky hair, and a number of different modern haircut styles. And with awesome Japanese and Korean Pop (Kpop) haircuts heavily influencing new hairstyles, Asian men are always on point with the top hair trends.

While Asian hair can be difficult to tame, Asian guys can style all the most popular men’s hairstyles using a strong hair product like pomade or wax. Whether you want nice short hairstyles for a clean-cut look or unique long hairstyles worn by Korean pop stars, we’ve compiled the top Asian haircuts.

Here are the best hairstyles for Asian men to inspire you to get and style these awesome looks!

Asian Hairstyles For Men

Asian Undercut

The Asian undercut hairstyle may be the hottest hair trend for Asian guys right now. The undercut is a very short haircut on the sides that reduces the length and thickness of hair and emphasizes the longer hair on top.

Asian Undercut

Generally, the undercut starts very high on the sides and trims the hair all one very short length. However, men do have the option of asking their barber for an undercut fade to taper the sides. Similarly, the disconnected undercut requires no taper and offers much more contrast.

Asian Undercut Fade

Some trendy undercut hairstyles for Asian men include the slicked back undercut, comb over undercut, pompadour, fringe, and quiff.

Cool Asian Undercut Hairstyles For Men

In essence, the Asian undercut can be combined with any popular hairstyle to create a sexy, good look.

Asian Undercut Hairstyle

Asian Fade Haircut

The Asian fade is particularly stylish and works well with almost every type of styling. There are many Asian fade haircuts to choose from, so whether you want something that is edgy and badass or professional and classy, you are sure to find it. The best types of taper fade cuts include the high, low, mid, or skin fade.

Best Asian Fade Haircut

For example, the low fade haircut is common with men’s business professional hairstyles because it blends the hair but doesn’t expose too much of the scalp. The low fade for Asian men starts just above the ear and curves around the sides, behind the ears, and down to the nape. Smart, easy and simple to style, the low fade looks good with all kinds of cuts and styles.

Low Fade Asian Hairstyle

The high fade haircut looks rebellious, modern, and super chic. The high fade starts just below the hairstyle above and blends the hair quickly for a very short haircut. The Asian high fade focuses your eyes on the longer hair on top. It’s perfect for high school kids, college guys, and young men who want a low-maintenance, fashion look.

Cool Asian Fade

Naturally, the mid fade falls somewhere in between these extremes. The mid fade haircut might be a good place to start if you aren’t sure which cut you prefer.

Mid Fade Asian Haircuts

Lastly, the skin fade Asian haircut is a very cool finish that blends your hair down to the scalp. The bald fade can start high, low or in the middle and your barber will trim your hair for a very clean look.

Skin Fade Asian Haircuts

Ultimately, taper fade haircuts tend to be the basis for the best short sides, long top hairstyles for Asian men. You can taper upward into messy spiky hair, or get a slick back fade, comb over fade, pompadour, quiff, faux hawk fade, side part or crew cut.

Asian Taper Fade Haircuts

From Chinese to Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino men, these cool hairstyles work for everyone.

Best Asian Fade Haircuts For Men

Short Hairstyles For Asian Men

Short hairstyles for Asian men range from neat and classic to messy and modern. Asian men with short hair have many trendy cuts and styles to choose from, including the buzz cut, crew cut, French crop, side part, short fringe, and spiky hair.

Asian Men Short Hairstyles

A good short hairstyle offers the benefit of easy styling, allowing Asian guys to tame their thick, coarse hair with a small amount of pomade, wax, or clay.

Short Asian Hairstyles For Men

While a buzz cut fade or high and tight haircut are easy to get and simple to style, they are very short cuts that don’t provide any flexibility to change your look. The longer crew cut with faded sides or a textured crop top may give guys more styling options.

Short Hairstyles For Asian Men

With 3 to 4 inches of length on top, Asian boys can spike their hair, leave it messy, brush it to one side for a side swept Ivy League hairstyle, comb it all forward to style a fringe, or get creative with a unique look.

Asian Men Short Hair

In the end, Asian men can style all the best short hairstyles when they use the right styling products.

Medium Hairstyles

Medium-length hairstyles for Asian men are incredibly versatile and give plenty of amazing options from which to choose. In fact, you can create many of the most popular styles with one good haircut. With a fade, undercut, or shaved sides and longer hair on top, Asian guys are able to style a comb over, pompadour, faux hawk, angular fringe, or messy hairstyle.

Asian Medium Hair

For example, by growing your hair out to about 3 to 5 inches on top, guys can add some texture with a light hair styling cream and go for a messy, tousled style that is casual and fashionable.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Asian Men

Asian boys can also go for a comb over fade with a hard part for a very chic, modern hairstyle. Just brush all your hair to one side to accentuate the shaved part and finish styling with a strong hair product to keep the look throughout the day.

Asian Medium Hairstyles

Other men’s haircut ideas include the faux hawk fade, slicked back undercut, and a long fringe that hangs over the forehead.

Best Haircuts For Asian Guys

Long Asian Hairstyles

Asian men with long hair are blessed with the ability to grow beautiful, shiny straight, thick hair. Asian hair lends itself exceptionally well to long hairstyles, so it comes as no real surprise that many Asian men have decided to grow their hair out.

Asian Men Long Hairstyles

Some of the top long hairstyles for Asian guys range from 6 inches of hair to lengths that extend past the shoulders.

Asian Men with Long Hair

Whether you prefer a long slicked back undercut, messy man bun, a loose man ponytail, or even long layers with a natural texture, there are long Asian hairstyles that will suit your preferences.

Comb Over

The Asian comb over is one of the hottest haircuts within the community and around the world. In fact, the comb over fade and undercut comb over have been trending strong in barbershops for several years now.

Asian Comb Over

Asian men who like versatility in their hairstyles should consider a comb over as it lends itself perfectly as a business professional look that can double as a cool haircut in social settings. The difference between the clean-cut and bad boy image is all in the cut and styling.

Cool Asian Comb Over Hairstyle

Whether you opt for a low fade comb over that all flows in the same direction or a hipster  undercut comb over with a hard part, the style is sexy yet sophisticated.

Hard Part Comb Over Fade For Asian Hair

For a middle ground that reduces the weight of your thick hair, try a medium fade or undercut fade and give yourself the ability to experiment with different styles.

Comb Over Fade Haircuts For Asian Men

From the short to long hair comb over, you can’t go wrong with this look.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair can be an awesome hairstyle for Asian men who have particularly thick hair. Spiky hairstyles offer several different styling ideas, whether you want thick spiked strands, a medium-length faux hawk, or even a high fade with long, textured spikes.

Asian Spiky Hair

Many Asian men find that starting with a standard boy cut – a fade on the sides with a short haircut that leaves 2 to 3 inches on top – allows them to go from professional during the day to spiky and hot in the evening.

Spiky Hair Fade For Asian Men

The trick to styling spiky Asian hair is a strong men’s hair product. Good, high-hold pomades from brands Suavecito, Baxter of California and Layrite will help keep your hair spiked through the day.

Slick Back

Asian slick back hair continues to be a hot men’s hair trend. As slicked back hairstyles have evolved over time, Asian men have discovered numerous stylish ways to comb their hair back and rock the look.

Asian Slick Back Hair

Just tell your barber you want a slicked back undercut or slick back fade. For maximum versatility and an edgy hairstyle, cut the sides very short and you can always switch between a slick back, comb over, and pomp.

Asian Slicked Back Undercut

For a classic slick back hairstyle, use a strong pomade with high shine and brush your hair back with a comb. For a textured, natural finish, pick a matte hair product with a medium hold, comb back your hair, and then run your fingers through.

Textured Asian Hair Comb Back Fade

One of the advantages of thick, straight hair is that Asian guys will always be able to style slicked back hair.


The quiff hairstyle is another beloved and incredibly popular hairstyle for men, and is certainly well-suited for Asian hair. As one of the best hairstyles for men with thick hair, the modern quiff can be styled with short or long hair on top with faded sides. Get a line up around the hairline and temples for an extra clean finish.

Best Asian Hairstyles For Men - Quiff

When styling a quiff haircut, you can incorporate spikes or brush the hair back in thick strands. Guys with medium-length to long hair will appreciate the quiffs volume, movement, and flow.

Best Asian Long Hairstyles For Men

And although most quiff hairstyles can easily be achieved with a styling cream, Asian hair may be more stubborn and require a product like Gatsby’s Moving Rubber.

Side Part

The Asian side part is a trusted and proven hairstyle for men. If you’re more of a classic haircut kind of guy or need a good professional look for the office, it’s hard to go wrong with the traditional side part.

Asian Side Part

Asian hair is typically very thick, so short layers are ideal here. Plus, you can always get the modern side part fade with a hard part to spice up the look.

Cool Hard Side Part Fade For Asian Men

The side part hairstyle also allows for easy styling, whether your parting all your hair to one side with a neat, structured finish or leaving it slightly loose and tousled. For a unique twist, comb your hair to the side and back for a diagonal side swept style.

Cool Side Part Hairstyles For Asian Guys

Then use a shiny pomade or gel for a classic gentleman’s hairstyle, although a lightweight product can create some texture and flair to your style.

Faux Hawk

The Asian faux hawk is a badass hairstyle like no other. Asian men can rock a fohawk like no other thanks to their excellent hair texture and thickness, so it comes as no real surprise that this modern hairstyle is one of the best haircuts for Asian men. To develop the perfect contrast, get a high taper fade or even a bald fade haircut on the sides.

Asian Faux Hawk

For very short to short hair on top, apply a high-hold matte pomade to push all your hair up and toward the center of your head.

Asian Men Haircuts Faux Hawk Fade

Conversely, if you have medium to longer hair, you can use the same product to create a swept-up and textured faux hawk as much as 4 to 6 inches long.

Crew Cut

The crew cut for Asian hair is the perfect easy, low-maintenance hairstyle for guys. The classic crew cut haircut requires virtually no styling on your part. With a high fade on the sides and short hair on top, the crew cut leverages your hair’s natural texture for a clean-cut look.

Crew Cut Asian Hair

The hair on top can be left a couple of inches long if you want a bit more flexibility with your styling, or if you truly want to look amazing and well-groomed as soon as you get out of bed, you can go with a buzz cut.

Asian Buzz Cut

However, if Asian men do feel the need to keep their hair styled or run some product through, the Ivy League hairstyle, French crop, and short fringe are all good fits. The Ivy League simply requires a side swept front while the French crop pulls all the hair forward and lies flat on the forehead.

Modern Ivy League Hairstyle For Asian Men

Lastly, a short messy fringe can make for a hot casual, carefree hairstyle that is generally popular among trendy young Korean guys who follow Kpop haircut styles.

Buzz Cut

The Asian buzz cut is masculine, edgy, and easy to get. Whether you want a buzz cut fade or an all-around even buzzed haircut, you’ll love this very short hairstyle.

Asian Buzz Cut

Asian men can even cut their own hair at home with good clippers. Effortless and bold, try the buzz cut if you want a cool hairstyle you don’t have to waste time styling.


Fringe hairstyles are among the top haircuts for Asian men. In fact, even though fringed hair is common all over the world these days, there are some who believe this style got its start in Japanese anime and video games.

Best Short Asian Men Haircuts

Either way, fringe haircuts can add some extra texture to just about any style, whether you opt for a short or long fringe.

Fringe Asian Hairstyles For Men

Messy Hair

Messy Asian hairstyles are a cool derivative of Kpop haircuts. Medium to long Asian hair lends itself beautifully to a messy, textured hairstyle.

Messy Asian Hairstyles For Men

While the sides can be faded very short or tapered just enough to be shorter than the hair on top, the length and styling on top provides a stylish look.

Best Korean Hairstyles For Men

Asian guys have the choice of styling with a variety of good matte hair products. We recommend a light to moderate hold styling cream or clay pomade for a textured, natural finish. These types of products will maximize volume, movement and flow.

Cool Kpop Men's Hairstyles

Use a hair dryer, if needed, to get a windblown or tousled, fresh-out-of-bed style. The possibilities here are endless.

Messy Side Swept Hairstyle with Taper Fade For Asian Hair

Best Hair Products For Asian Hair

The best hair product for Asian hair really depends on the types of men’s hairstyles you want to style. For short, thick hair that needs to be tamed and controlled, the best pomade comes with a strong hold.

Best Hair Products For Asian Hair

A good pomade can be used to style a comb over, slicked back hair, pompadour, faux hawk or messy top. The top pomade brands include Suavecito, Layrite, Baxter of California, and Reuzel.

Best Pomade For Asian Hair

On the flip side, hair wax like TIGI Bed Head can be a great matte styling product for a natural, textured look. Similarly, Asian men with medium to long hairstyles who want volume and flow will prefer a lightweight clay or hair cream. We recommend Layrite’s Natural Matte Cream, Smooth Viking’s Styling Clay, and American Crew’s Forming Cream.

Best Hair Wax For Asian Hair

And although it may be tough to find a good hair gel that doesn’t flake or stiffen, some brands have found ways to develop styling gel worth using, including American Crew and Got2B.

Now that you’ve seen the most popular Asian men hairstyles out there, it’s time to look at some products that were designed with your hair type in mind. These products will help you style good haircuts into cool Asian hairstyles.

Here are the best hair products for Asian men. From good pomades to top-rated waxes, clays, creams and gels, try these men’s styling products for thick, straight Asian hair.